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Lilywhite(Chelsea) 2 - 4 mackenie(Man Utd)

mackenie(Man Utd) 1 - 1 Lilywhite(Chelsea)

The better player certainly got the 4 points. Well played mate. :D

i dont think i deserved the win in the first game but the second game was crazy, i must of had 10 clear chances and missed em all lol, ive never missed so many shots....

i think i benifited from our lack of finishing the most and they were vgg's

ive done the math and if i beat fattakin twice im in the prem, i can just feel it now that im gonna fluff it but is fattakin still in the league?

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Only just seen your post - could you do 9pm?

I'm on now mate if you are about?

EDIT: Just about to play fattakin.

Seems to be a bit of confusion here. It doesn't make any difference to the table, but if you could confirm one ort'other.

It was definitely 2-1.

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Overwhelmed at the start with your tackling! So fast. Taught me a lesson so thanks :)

Haven't really played much due to holiday so went online and had a few random 1v1 to get some experience.

Free after 9 every night this week, playing mackenie on Wednesday

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mackenie (man u) 4 - 0 (chelsea) fattakin

Fattakin (aston v) 1 - 2 (tottenham) Mackenie

Well what a couple of games, 0-0 in the first at half time and loosing in the second at half time. for the second i went with a team ive never been before and i was regretting it for most of the match. but 2 fortunate goals in the last half an hour and wehay im in the premiership....

i didnt want to get there by only winning with man u and i just about came through that second game. also i want to apologise to lily who wont be in the prem after winning the championship playoff final, very unlucky mate

Bring on the big boys!!!

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It was me sorry, looking to get my games with you, Johnnycash (hoping to catch this evening but i have to goto a gig after 9) and ASM (can you accept my friend request?)

Will be on over the weekend at times so looking to get caught up before the deadline.

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