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Your Top Five Beers


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My housemates and I argue over this at least twice a week, usually when we're drunk. Anyway, it's become such a serious discussion we've decided to take the debate global, and I'm now collecting votes from everyone I can.

We have a Facebook Group and a Blog which I will be updating regularly with facts and figures from the voting.

To contribute to this important study, please state your top five beers in order. Five points will be awarded for first place, four for second, and so on.

The top five after 12 votes is: Stella (45 pts), Becks (26), Grolsch (13), Export (12) and Peroni (12).


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*Staropramen - noodle beer?! It's Czech.

Anyway... beer is as much about memories and location as it is anything else, so many good times... in no particular order:

Caledonian 80/-

One of the most quaffable beers ever, yet a highly distinctive flavour and wonderfully clean aftertaste. I love it. It's a shame that pubs tend to only stop its more popular (but inferior, IMHO) brother Deuchars.


My favourite wheat beer. Fruity but still with that quintessential beer flavour, and no awful aftertaste. Gets compromised by unclean pipes though, you can really tell the difference, so it's a bit hit and miss unless you know the gaff you're buying from.

Fuller's Organic Honey Dew Beer

Absolutely amazing on tap (which again is a rarity), this is the only drink I could honestly say that 'tastes of summer' - however it's equally nice in the winter, where the honey taste has a warming effect.

Wells' Banana Bread Beer

A real marmite beer for most people but shockingly enough I fall into the 'love it' camp. How does it work?! I've no idea. I've no idea why it tastes so good, it has no right to. Really clean aftertaste as well, which was a surprise.

Leffe Brune

My favourite dark beer by a mile. Really powerful, full flavour but doesn't leave you feeling like a tramp afterwards. Steadily drinkable to boot.

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Red Stripe





All the leaders in thefirst post are fucking bogging by the way, i cant even say how much i despise stella.

However arriving in Dimarro, Italy after a 12 hour ride, having that first ever taste of Warsteiner is a memory i'll treasure, pure bliss.

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Votes are flying in now. The top five now looks like this:

  1. Stella Artois
  2. Becks
  3. Peroni
  4. Red Stripe
  5. Heineken

In last place is Special Brew.

Additionally, I'm expanding the blog from simply reporting voting statistics into a full blown beer blog. There'll be reviews, experiences, news, brewery tours, anything beer related.

If you fancy becoming a writer (all you really need is a grasp of English and an interest in beer) please drop me a PM. It's only small fry at the moment but I hope it'll take off.

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I can't name five that I really think deserve praise, as I've only been drinking beer for a few years or so and haven't exactly embraced any variety. But Leffe and Duvel are very nice, and when at a restaurant/gig/anywhere where there isn't that much choice, I'll go for Corona or Peroni.

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The fresh lime does something to it, it suddenly becomes this south of the border bottle of fun and refreshment. I put it low in the list because lime is essential, but on any day I'd take a Corona and lime over any other beer.

(Every day is summer in Florida)

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1. Cobra

2. Budvar

3. Heineken

4. Asahii

5. Red Stripe

To be fair, after the heineken leaves such a wretched taste in your gob, Asahi beer just enhances that foul taste.

Sorry how anyone can rightfully put that in a list when it was designed to be bland as f**k is beyond me.

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But it's Japanese so must be good.

Corona is nice without lime if you ask me. I think the whole lime thing started to mask the smell of the beer because it's in a clear bottle it gets lightstruck which "causes riboflavin to react with and breakdown isohumulones, a molecule that contributes to the bitterness of the beer and is derived from the hops. The resulting molecule, 3-methylbut-2-ene-1-thiol, is very similar to a skunk's natural defenses".


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