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Which of these eBay TVs should I buy for retro gaming?


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Ok, so my current TV is only 21in and is starting to get screen burn whenever a flat colour (like from a NES game) is on it for a few seconds. it goes purple and I have to switch it off and on again to make it go away. Then it builds again. Plus the Stereo sound is going screwy and I have to use DUAL-II all the time.

So I need a new one. But I only play PS2 and before, so a flatscreen and HD TV are out of the question. Since they're all fucking crap and expensive.

I'm limited to locally sold TVs on ebay, and I'm going to have to ask the seller to deliver since I don't have a car. Seeing as they're only going for a few quid, if I offer him £20 to drive it here he should accept. Or I'll take a taxi.

So, which of these are good? Which makes do you recommend? Which are going to last me a long time?

They must have RGB, and they must be 60Hz NTSC compatible, since some systems like my Japanese Duo-R only give an NTSC output signal through AV cables. No NTSC means it'll be monochrome. I want good sound too - so many large TVs the sound blows after a few months. Either with a painful whining sound (like my flatmate's TV), or it's really soft and then explodes to a louder volume (like my ex's TV).

I need good sound. Crisp picture. Solid scart and AV sockets, and generally something that will hand game systems well. My current has awful flickering down the left side when running through the RGB scart socket.

Some of these are 100Hz... IS that bad? What the hell does that even MEAN?! I thought they came in 50 and 60 Hz flavours?!

Anyway, which of these look good?















(seems risky to me!)







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As someone mentioned, be careful what processing they have if you want to play lightgun games. If not then I would hunt down a Panasonic Qunitrix (sp?). The main 'acuity' processing opton (upsaceled to 75Hz and 8xxi) was excellent on RGB sources. Processing won't work on NTSC sources if I remember correctly.

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