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How does it work?


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suppose i've got some painting and it might be really good painting, but for now lets just assume it really actually is very good painting. but this painting is stuck in a room. this room has little space and can only be accessed by one person, and at the moment only one person knows about this room. this person doesn't really do much apart from read and paint. occasionally they make a trip to the shops or have a conversation with someone.

now a few problems have arisen. i'm running out of paint, i'm running out of space, and i would really like to let these paintings live somewhere else. first and third person are irrelevant anyway, as these paintings aren't very good and they're painted on newspaper which i'm sure anyone can imagine when sellotaped together and lavished with colour becomes the most impractical thing to move, pretty much ever.

for all my little story i'm just attempting to ask, how does it work? how does a person go to becoming a painter, to finding a dealer to exhibiting work, to sell and then to buy more paint? i'm sure if anyone else where to find this room they would tell me not to think of such big things, but for now. can anyone feed my curiosity?

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