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Sound quality on mine is leaps and bounds ahead of the Lite. Even the missus noticed on hers...

Yeah, definitely. I was surprised at just how much better the audio quality was - It's not even close.

I'm not sure if the top volume is lower though. My impression is that isn't, but I'd have to check with a DS Lite now to be sure.

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Just got one as well (black) with a lovely metallic protective sleeve thing, which fits the DSi like a glove :)

I'm loving it! If it had a GBA-port, it would've been the perfect handheld.

Instead of that you'll probably get the whole GBA, GB, GBC library.

Not to mention Game Gear, Atari Lynx.

...what? A man can dream right? :D

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Have you got a game with the Wi-Fi Connection settings saved? Try putting that in and connecting as if you were using your usual console. I couldn't connect my Japanese DSi to the DSi Store, but once I slotted in Daigasso and tried accessing it that way, when I exited and tried again it worked. I still get the odd connection problem, but that might be something else.

Anyway, give that a go. Might work, you never know.

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No luck. When I choose 'WEP' it doesn't even detect the network during the test.

I've tried using all forms of security, but none of them work. They except for 'None' and 'WEP', they all detect my network but then stop detecting it at the last minute. Then I get the same error message, sometimes with a different number at the end.


Someone please help me! I want that Wario Ware game badly!

What modem do you have... you set to 802.11n or 802.11g? My friend had an AirPort Extreme and couldn't connect to it with his Wiii or DS until we set the modem to 802.11n/g setting in the AirPort options.

EDIT: What case do you have VeloS? Link, please! :huh:

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Assuming iTunes does MP4 that is. The DSi can't handle AAC at all. Nice work Nintendo, you wrote the player for it, you think you'd know the name of the format it uses.

Anyway, that bit of idiocy aside, I'm pretty impressed with the DSi, It is basically a lot of little improvements that add up to a real nice package. The dpad in particular is glorious. I'll definitely be curious to see the games that take advantage of the faster processor and the heap of extra RAM it's got.

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Traded in my Black DS Lite for a Black DSi at Gamestation. Loving the new machine - GTA:CW looks gorgeous on the new screens. Wario Ware is slight, but fun if you can get the setup right (the wallpaper in my rented house appears to be a bit similar to my skin tone). The browser is... alright. Both the Wii shop and the DSi shop are always dog-slow for me. Is it just my connection, or is it sluggish for everyone?

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So what's the best free bit of software that will convert mp3s into an aac format so I can play about with tunes on the DSi?

I'm using XP btw.

I did it in Winamp. Right click song. Send to: Format Converter. "MP4/LC-AAC Encoder v1.27". It saves as an .m4a file.

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A 'Thomson ST780 WL'. It also says 'SpeedTouch'.

I have no idea.

I don't know, I ripped it out of its box and didn't even look at the name. :unsure:




Opened up

Angle 1

Angle 2

It's pretty fucking METAL. And it fits the DSi like a glove.

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics.

We got a similar one free when we bought the Nintendogs bundle from Argos. It really helps protect the DS.

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Hmmm.... can upgrading the firmware on the DSi stop the acecards working...?

I updated mine before without thinking to get access the store, but i don't know if this will stop the ace card when i get it...

Nevermind, found a video showing it works on 1.3e

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