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Sketchbook Exchange! The Thread


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This is the thread for you crazy Sketchbook Exchange players. This first post will be updated when any key things are added, so watch this space as well as reading the thread itself. This thread can be used to ask questions or make suggestions about the whole thing, but also it can be used:

- to track where any particular book is

- for when youve posted or recieved a book

- to share ideas or help people out

- just to chat about how its going!

If youre talking about yours or someone elses book in specific detail, it might be an idea to use spoiler tags to protect what you write from people who like a surprise if they havent had that book yet!



Albert Fish


Lost and Found (formerly known as Big Frank)



Dante Sigona











Ste Pickford


I really want to stress that although i'm doing all the administrative junk on this, this is still everybody's project, it should be a democracy, so we all need to speak our minds about thinga that go on. To start with though, this is the general outline of the project. Every two weeks (this may be shortened if we all turn out to be really hard workers :( ) youll get a PM from me with an address to send the book you have to. I'll send these PMs on a SATURDAY so that theyre ready to post by MONDAY. Obviously when youve sent it youll get a different one a few days later. When you get it, check the book out and get an understanding of the theme of the book, and then get scribbling! The amount of pages you use is up to the owner of the book. And thats all there is to it... two weeks later (like i said, might be shortened), youll get a new address, and the cycle continues. This will happen a total of 19 times, and on the 19th time youll be sending the book you have back to it's orginal owner! YAY!

It'd suck for this to happen, but if anybody needs to stop, or temporarily drop out for a good reason, thats cool but PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ tell me because otherwise the intricate schedule will collapse in on itself and leave 18 other people crying salty tears. Theres a few other creative types around that might be able to cover you for a while. It'll be a bit tricky to organise though so please, only if its a valid reason!

Furthermore, if you change your address, please tell me as soon as possible so I can adjust the "database" (wordpad doc with addresses on).

So thats the super-patronising guide done with. So what do we need to do first?


The first address PM will be sent on Saturday 27th September so that you can post your own book to the first person on Monday 29th September. This is what you need to do before then:

-Buy a sketchbook. Preferably small enough to fit in a letterbox, fairly lightweight, and durable enough to survive multiple handlings! A lot of people are going for Pocket Sized Moleskines or something similar. You can get books from Amazon, or in the shops, like art shops, WH Smiths (ive noticed a good selection in train station whsmiths), Waterstones, whatever girlfriend.

-In this sketchbook you need to do a few things before it gets sent out for the first time. First of all, write a lovely message to people on the first page. The message needs to explain the theme of the book (this can be literally anything), any guidelines youd like people to follow, and how many pages people are allowed. Second of all, put your address in the very back of the book, just in case something fucks up. If your address changes, I can just PM whoever has your book and get 'em to write the new on in for you :unsure:. Thirdly and finally, draw! Get the ball rolling in your own sketchbook by doing the first page(s).

-Now that youve done those things, BRACE YOURSELF for saturday the 27th when youll get your first address. When you post it, try and avoid recorded delivery as it will most likely be inconvenient for a lot of people.



So hopefully now, you have a sketchbook and youve done all the stuff detailed above. If not... get on it! I've sent everyone a PM. You just need to send your now-ready book to that address, and wait for your new one from someone else! When it comes, get drawing! Youll have til Monday 13 October to do your stuff. I'll be sending the next PM on Saturday the 11th October. :)


OK, it's been a shaky start, but theres still everything to play for. I know due to postal shittyness etc. some people might be a bit behind, so its important to vocalise this in the thread if it causes any problems. Otherwise, still the same deal; PMs have been sent, just post the book yo have now to the next person and await your next one! Hopefully we can cut this down to 2 weeks.


So this one's started mid-week due to various hiccups mostly due to the royal mail... Really want to get back into the "PM on Saturday, send on Monday" routine so i've attempted to shorten the deadline to one and a half weeks to see if people can stay on their toes. Perhaps its an unrealistic deadline but we won't know if we don't try, and I still have faith in everyone. Lets get postin'!


Another week, another occurance of me trying to PM myself where to send my next book by accident. Just shy of 2 weeks for this one, Lets reeallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy try and make it this time. Might have to put this on hold over christmas, I trust the postal service even less in December. What do you guys think?


That was quite a hiatus I must say. I won't try to dress it up as anything, it's my fault for leaving it this long. Maybe we can make this a two weeker though. We shall see! I must say, i'm excited about getting a new book, especially having my current one for a while! Plus they're beginning to be a little more full now! Gggggggggg!


The wheels are, hopefully, back in motion. I've sent you all your PMs saying where to send your book, but also let you know who to expect your next one from, so you can pm them if nothing comes. Also, If you could, please send your email address in case you dont come on the forum for a while, or you get banned, or whatever. Just insurance, yer know. OK LEZZ DO DISS

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Just went looking for one of them moleskine books. Couldn't find any. Bah. I'll have to go through amazon. Found a few over the weekend, but they were either slightly too large or heavy.

Gonna start on some initial sketches tonight though. Are we all having themes? I have a nice one I might use.

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I hope the results of this grand expedition will be revealed to us all at the end?

I'd sure like to see what happened.

Fo sho!

Are we all having themes? I have a nice one I might use.

They arent essential but it will keep the variety going.

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