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Yeah I must admit I’m a little nervous about this release, particularly on the switch. I really, really wish M2 had handled it. I’m just going for the Japanese versions, I can’t be arsed with Strictly Limited if I can avoid them. They took forever on the last batch I ordered, months after the original due date.

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37 minutes ago, Camel said:

Would it not work out cheaper getting it from amazon.co.jp? I was all set to get the Jp release too but on-disc DLC made me sway towards the LRG release.

Ah, I didn’t realise the dlc isnt on the cart for the Japan version. I’ve got £300 worth of orders from Strictly Limited, some dating back to Jan so I won’t be ordering anything else. Will tHe chances with Japan release.

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7 hours ago, Camel said:

I’ve just noticed Deathsmiles is a City Connection release. I think they cocked up the recent swimmy Saturn Trubute Cotton ports did they not?


yeah, no idea how good the port will be but at least it won't suffer the main problem with the saturn cotton games - using a saturn emulator.

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Deathsmiles is being ported directly from the X360 code & the hands-on reports coming in from TGS are very positive and suggest it might end up being even more accurate than the X360/PC version in terms of accurate arcade slowdown


Looks like they were showing it at the tokyo game show and nobody said it was bad. It should be totally fine in terms of input lag, like the other cave games we've seen on the switch, they're not using some laggy emulator and sticking it in a wrapper and dipping it in molasses or whatever they do.


Steam page for Grand Cross Renovation is up - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1808900/GRAND_CROSS_ReNOVATION/



I still have the demo they released for this if anyone wants it, but I've heard they're working on a newer steam demo that should be up soon so probably best just to wait.

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Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade



Darius is one of the pioneers of arcade side-scrolling shoot 'em up games, first released in 1986 in a custom, 3 screen cabinet featuring in-seat bass speakers to deliver the impact of the game direct to the player! The aquatically themed, giant robotic fish bosses and Zuntata-composed soundscapes captured the hearts and minds of arcade goes everywhere, and now Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade brings 4 of those titles (total 7 versions) from the Darius arcade series, each with added features, some exclusive to Steam!


Multi-monitor support (Steam only!)
Use 2 or 3 monitors for that authentic arcade experience!

Body sonic in the home (Steam only!)
Replicate the arcade's seat speaker output using a sub-woofer!

Quick Save & Load
Save at any point during the game, then come back later to practice!

Display features, Options & Gadgets galore
Scale, smooth and add scanlines, adjust difficulty, number of lives and add information-displaying gadgets to customise your view!

Training Mode
Set your powerup levels and choose which zone to practice!


Darius (Arcade, old version, 1986)
Announced in 1986 and released to arcades in 1987. The revolutionary 3-screen cabinet, in-seat bass speakers and iconic cast of colourful, aquatic-lifeform-themed boss characters, together with the now legendary soundtrack established its place in game fan's hearts. Other features carried over included the branching stage maps and power up system.

Darius (Arcade, new version, 1987)
A difficulty-balanced version of the previous release making boss battle easier the more powerups you have.

Darius (Arcade, extra version, 1987)
Further difficulty balances along with all new enemy placement makes for an easier game which gets much more difficult at the end.


Darius II (Arcade, Dual Screen version, 1989)
A dual screen sequel to 1987's original game, with new bosses, new weaponry, the ability to switch directions during boss battles and... TUNA SASIMI!


SAGAIA (Arcade, ver.1, 1989)Darius II was redesigned for the international market with shorter stages and less bosses with less health, but higher overall difficulty to balance the changes out. As a result, some routes and bosses were removed completely.

SAGAIA (Arcade, ver.2, 1989)
Conceptually the same as version 1, but with various changes, this second version is shrouded in mystery and it's unknown whether it was ever available to play at the time.

Darius Gaiden

Darius Gaiden (Arcade, 1994)The first Darius game available on a single screen, this allowed it to be installed in more arcades than its predecessors. Spectacular visuals with semi-transparent effects, parallax scrolling and breath-taking boss entrance scenes, the visuals are only surpassed by the difficulty! New to the series is the ability to capture and use mid-bosses, as well as the black hole bomb!



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Haven't played a shmup in anger in a while, but have been really enjoying Blue Revolver. Got to the last boss (on Normal) and had to continue (losing my top score of just over 40mil), but I can feel the 1CC coming. Having a lot of fun other than the first phase on the first boss, which fires light coloured bullets over a large portion of its light-coloured body, which makes them very difficult to see until the last second.


Re-learning to bomb proactively is hard. It's almost a positive in this game as it replenishes your ammo for your special as well as getting you out of trouble.

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Yas man, Blue Revolver is the GOAT!

Luckily I didn't have that issue, but I think there are some visibility options that you could try if you have a look in the menus.

Yeah, I remember my pinky finger hovering over the bomb button during some sections that I found difficult.

Figuring out all the breaks in that game is so much fun!

That bit in stage 3 with the red percentage number where you have to kill so many enemies to make it go green. That's brilliant fun. The music, the stage design, the aesthetic. It's just all on point.

Aw man, you've got me wanting to play it again.


21 hours ago, Klatrymadon said:

For a ropey old mobile port it always looked surprisingly solid. I'm looking forward to it!


Haha, yeah, I've been looking forward to trying it since seeing it on switch. It looks pretty cute. I'm guessing it's 30fps, hopefully it still feels OK to play.

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1 hour ago, ImmaculateClump said:

That bit in stage 3 with the red percentage number where you have to kill so many enemies to make it go green. That's brilliant fun. 

I've not managed to get it beyond 79% yet 👀 still very much in Trying Not To Die mode though, I think I'll have more joy with things like that once I'm not relying on the crutch of the extremely powerful laser.


But yeah it's really good, didn't realise it was so highly thought of.

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Gynoug came out last week, hot on the heels of Greylancer, Cotton 100% & Panorama Cotton. Three of which I have to look at this week, Panorama Cotton I know they've already patched to fix a missing sprite issue and Cotton 100% currently you can change video displays in it. Still great to see classic Mega Drive and SNES games getting a modern release and one outside of Japan in many of those cases.



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I think the leaderboards are bust on that DoDonPachi DaiOuJou DX. They're back to front, the person at the top is the guy with the lowest score and if you beat your score, your old score doesn't get replaced because it's lower and the game thinks that means better :S


Has an annoying thing where the focus shot doesn't override the autofire so you have to let go of the autofire for a little while before you laser. That's pretty dog shit.

Other than that, it's alright!


I no missed the last boss just there. Video looks hiccupy, but it's not like that in game, just the video capture playing up - https://streamable.com/e9bnmp


Game is set to easy mode by default, so you might want to change that in the in game options menu. Difficulty level is the option at the top




You might want to turn off the top two options in the start menu as well, the first one is the crappy phone frame thing and the second is the blurry filter.




There's a score to beat for normal mode.



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Cubes are worth more the quicker you pick them up, though it's pretty generous in this game, they don't start to loose value too quickly.
You do more damage up close though, so it's a good idea to play aggressively, especially on the harder difficulties, and you want to be uncovering the secret treasure chests as soon as you can so that you'll get more out of them. Uncover them as high up the screen as possible.


Other than that, it's just a case of hypering as much as you can. Don't bother timing your hypers to try and milk the bosses as the game has a system in place to make this redundant, you will get random bullet cancels going off during hyper, so just hyper as much as you can all the time.


Big, big bonus for lives left when you finish (10,000,000 points) so don't play too risky at first. You don't get extra points for lives left if you have autobomb turned off so leave it on.


In order of importance:

  • Don't die
  • Hyper as often as you can
  • Play aggressively
  • Uncover secret treasure chests as early, as high up the screen as you can

I think that's it.

Oh, there's a secret life in stage 3.

During the stage 3 midboss, this prick, make sure you damage all his parts, can you see the health bars at the back there, there's a thing either side right at the back that you have to take out that you might miss (I did) after taking out the front turrets.




Then there'll be a hidden 1up pops out of the treasure chest that you uncover on the middle podium shortly after.




Steam page for that other G-mode game has gone up that got a switch release - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1815030/GMODE/


Space Moth Lunar tomorrow! - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1570500/Space_Moth_Lunar_Edition/

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