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Any other Deathsmiles II apologists in the house?


It was pretty early on in my bullet hell journey but I remember really enjoying my time with it and it felt great fun to score in.


There's something really hypnotic about the combination of the ridiculous slowdown, the ghostly rings flying around and all those evil tadpoles swimming straight for your heart.


I remember laughing my back off the first time that lanky gog shows up at the end of the library stage and storms up and down the hallway going "MEEEEEEEEEEHH!".
Voiced by Joker Jun, fact fans.


The funfair stage is amazing! I love the creepy dancing teddies at the end.


The end boss is an evil father christmas called Satan Claws as well, I mean that's no Tyranosatan, but it's a worthy follow up.


I wonder if I'll still be as forgiving of it all these years later now that I'm a card carrying shmupnerd!


A couple of new playable characters coming to the cotton reboot in early may, one overpowered and focussed on survival and the other built for score.


Feels like Studio Siesta giving you your first rock for free when you see their trouble witches dlc!


Says there that they're be improving visibility in the patch as well.

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Steam page for that capcom thingy is up , looks like you can buy the games individually if you prefer.




I can only ever remember hearing bad things about this, performance issues, input lag, botched autofire.


It's literally a crippled version of mame.





Arcade Stadium noticeably suffered from having to make their own sound cores (and also from some performance and input lag issues caused by jamming MAME into the middle of Capcom's RE Engine, but there's nothing we can do about that)


We'll see, maybe they ironed out the kinks since I last looked into it. Did they keep patching the switch version?

Will try the free game and see what the guinea pigs say when they've tried some of the other games.

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Can anyone recommend a decent one on switch that gives that great twitch gameplay without being an actual nightmare bullet hell?  Like Smash Bros I usually struggle to follow the action when shit is flying everywhere. 

The last game of this ilk I enjoyed was Resogun as a marker of how hectic I can take on. 

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I think you'd enjoy Black Bird normal mode, iknowgungfu! - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/BLACK-BIRD-1455740.html


Oooh, that cotton 2 collection is coming to pc too, nice one!



11 hours ago, Pockets said:

The Switch could struggle with Pong if it wanted to. 


To be fair to the switch, it could and should be emulating these games with zero issues, so capcom have dropped a hard boiled bollock there in terms of optimising efficiency.


I read somebody saying that the fancy 3D cabinet is still being rendered even if you turn it off, pissing away battery power and cpu cycles on something you can't even see, causing stuttering in games because the cpu is being maxed out. I mean, jesus christ!


XCUTE(me) - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1597240/XCUTEme/

Hmmmm, baiting the waifu wankers, but the gameplay looks solid. Could go either way!



edit: "sexy boss's cloth damage!" :lol: It's caladrius blaze all over again.

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Been waiting for a discount on these!





Had resogun already but my nephew stole my account and I had to make a new one, so paying full price again would have felt like a right kick in the tits!

Not played alienation, but it must be fun!

I'm back home now but my ps4 is sitting in an aldi bag so I need to set that back up and get those buggers bought as soon as I get a chance.


Marky Mark's done a video on the excellent cho ren sha 68k if you're interested.

Fantastic game!




On 08/04/2021 at 16:27, Spoonman said:

I'll post back tomorrow with a story of what I *have played* tonight. Adios.


What happened there, spoony? I was looking forward to your roundup! Did you have to bump your gaming session?

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1cc'ed Zenodyne R normal mode today. Brilliant fun!

88,813,000. Don't know if that's any good or not. I had loads of lives going into the last stage but I wanked most of them up the wall making daft mistakes during the final boss.

Need to do Zenohell now and then I've beaten all of the grybanser fox games, normal mode at least.

Ive done the zeno trilogy backwards, started with the last one and worked my way back.

Just an example of the crazy hijinks we get up to this thread. Right, guys?

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Got my ps4 set up again and got those games today.
Here, resogun is all shmup, innit?
I always thought it was an honorary shmup, like it was allowed into the clubhouse but it had to sit at the back with the twin stick shooters.


I've never been a huge fan of the dualshock controllers and could never really get into the game because of that, I think.

Tried it on a 360 pad, hmmmm, wasn't really feeling that either, so I plugged my arcade stick in and epiphany.wav
It instantly felt right, like it all finally made sense!


I've just checked on youtube and I was on the final boss there today. I would have gotten my 1cc, the boss had the teensiest slither of health left!
Should get it next time, and hopefully improve my score because it was pretty pants. I kept letting the humans get abducted, I was too busy braying the baddies.

Runs last a bit too long, it seems. That was my only real complaint, I think.


So yeah, late review, I know, but resogun is good :D

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Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles are also in the current PS4 sale, for anyone interested.


No sooner had I bought Natsuki than the postie dropped R-Type Final 2 through the door.   I think it’s pretty good if you enjoy some R-Type.  Graphics are nice, music is varied, levels have some new stuff and - of course - call backs to previous games.  there’s a few things to mess about with too; decals and customising ships; unlocking 90+ ships; gallery etc.  


 At times it has felt more like a brutal trial and error memory task than a proper game (though I think this is a not uncommon criticism for the series?).  

Load times don’t often bother me, but they are several seconds too loooooong after a death (Switch version) and quite jarring, especially when you’re caught on a tricky bit needing lots of retries.  Really needs an update to reduce that, I want to get back in the action

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I'm finding the modern graphics on shooters pretty unpalatable.... comparing the modern versions of rtype  to the pixel art original puts me in mind of terrible mobile phone games the newer 3d graphics come across as sterile and completely lacking charm.... there's no stopping progress I suppose but really wish developers would give us more pixels and less shiny polygons.


Trying to think of any modern 3d graphics that don't turn me off.... anger force I like but that's not using polygons or if it is its hiding them well as it creates the impression to me of hand drawn art, albeit much higher res than the 16bit games of my youth. Are there any big developers still persisting with pixel art?

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It pains me to say it but Gradius V came out 17 years ago, mate. :(


That was a tour de force, but I do think it's fair to say that more recent 3D stuff has tended to have a lot less flair than that. I think we have to temper our expectations, though - something like R-Type Final 2, for example, was crowdfunded and built in a pre-existing engine with a bunch of its own visual hallmarks, and has done well to look as good as it does, even if it isn't going to blow anyone's minds. There are moments in which it genuinely does excel, though, and plenty of stages which have strong and interesting art direction. (The 'unevenness' of the latter is due to the fact that different stages were developed by entirely different teams.)

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Darius Chronicle Saviours is currently on Steam for £11.99. 


Not played Darius before but looks great so thinking of picking that up. I was pondering over R-Type Final 2 however not convinced at £35. Love the original R-Type  and R-Type Delta but still keep going back to the original R-Type. Interesting R-Type Dimensions is also on sale for £7 which I don't have on the PC.


So looks like I'll pick up Darius and R-Type dimensions at the moment - looks like a great combo to scratch my SHMUP itch. I'll keep an eye on the reviews for R-Type Final 2.

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16 hours ago, Camel said:

Didn't realise it was getting a standard release over here.


yeah same here.


i forgot to say the ps4 version is on there too, that's the one i ordered. there's a darius game coming too - i thought this was a port of the old 3d G-Darius but according to hotukdeals it isn't so i'm not sure what this is now? i didn't expect to be getting shmup news from hotukdeals.



https://www.thegamecollection.net/dariusburst-another-chronicle-ex-plus-ps4?sqr=Dariusburst%3A Another Chronicle&


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Confusing isn't it, seeing as Strictly Limited are doing a release :/


I might order that and sell my Jp version (that I haven't even touched yet :doh:).


Is the Darius game yet another version of Darius Burst? I enjoyed the Vita version of that.

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With Gradius V getting a mention it begs the question: what the fuck has happened to Treasure?! Where have they gone?! :(

also, (dull I know), my copy of Rtype F2 from the game collection still hasn’t arrived yet. :(

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Last I heard, Treasure is just one person these days. I'm not sure if it's Hiroshi Iuchi, because he's been at M2 for several years (although he is apparently still working on Ubusana, a Project RS game). Treasure's only activity as far as I can tell has been licensing out Ikaruga now and then...

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2 hours ago, Camel said:

Confusing isn't it, seeing as Strictly Limited are doing a release :/


I might order that and sell my Jp version (that I haven't even touched yet :doh:).


Is the Darius game yet another version of Darius Burst? I enjoyed the Vita version of that.



yeah i don't know much about darius (other than i've played gaiden quite a bit) so get a bit confused by all the different versions, so had a quick look into it - apparently in japan "Darius Cozmic Collection" includes Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX+ and G-Darius HD. but it seems like we are just getting  Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX+ on it's own - which seems to be a different version of dariusburst. i was more interested in g-darius so probably won't get it. looks like you can get a version with g-darius over here though it's just more expensive (edit - this is the version Camel mentioned):



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