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Dr Seedyman

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Been on Space Harrier (Switch) these last 4 evenings working for a 1CC. I’m starting to feel the burn out a little (playing 3 hours a night) but I can see progress.


Reached stage 16 boss tonight. I’m more or less flawless on the level 18 boss rush so I just need to cut out my silly mistakes on the first 10 stages and gain consistency on stage 14.

If I can do that much I should be able to pull out a run from stages 15-17. It’s honestly one of my favourite games. Very easy to give my full attention to it and not get distracted.


I’m getting a lot of mileage out of the Sega ages ports. Would be nice if they would release all 19 on a game card.

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On 07/03/2021 at 18:34, Spoonman said:

Spend the day doing Sunday chores, and can finally kick back with a beer. Decided to rotate the god-like freebie VGA CRT I scored the other day... and connected up the Switch. I swear there is less lag than on an LCD, but I am probably just going ga-ga for how it looks and feels to play like this.


This is basically my "arcade" system at present, and I bloody love it.






The tubes on those are a bit Nexus 6 in nature. So like, enjoy the good times while they last.

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On 07/03/2021 at 19:37, Spoonman said:

Max Resolution: 1800 * 1440 (!)


Don't do that. Egon safety tip, but if you value the life of people in nearby rooms then stick to 640*480. You know, people died trying to be Tony Hawks and stuff, didn't get the limits of a concrete halfpipe. The exact same kids bought those monitors. Interesting status symbol though.

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17 minutes ago, Treble said:

Here's a weird one. Battle Garegga on Saturn has a TATE mode, but I can't see a way to reorient the controls to match. Did Raizing just... forget? :unsure:


There's an Action Replay cart for the Saturn which essentially lets you reprogram games. Think Sega were feeling suicidal one console too early or something? Anyway, there's a controller remap api which works due to all the chips on the console being autonomous. Change the up and down and it still works while the power is on.

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Oh, random fact about the cart and other debug type devices, but I have a well preserved Edge from 1999. Ads in the back from sellers are quite interesting, and reminded me of how much hacker shit you could buy for the original Playstation. It was literally pulling in hackers from proper crime or warfare amd sucking them into an Egon toy like a complete bastard. And btw, Playstation hackers were intimidating, like people sitting around dealing crack-cocaine like Chappie times 100, evil guard dogs that eat your ankle or whatever, but then someone boots Crash bandicoot racing and they all turn into hypnotised 5 year olds? Fair play Jez San, you da man.

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9 hours ago, Dig Dug said:

Space Harrier


Marlew likes that!
I can remember one of the speccy mags did a game called "bear a grudge" which was a clone and I loved that!
"Go bear go" was great as well. That was a pengo clone. They didn't seem to have many original ideas but their games were really solid! For nowt on a cover tape, they were surprisingly good!

I'll only have had the spectrum version of space harrier so I imagine I didn't get the full benefit!

That sort of game is having a bit of a renaissance at the minute. Gryzor's working on one



and then there's that bullet detective thing, or whatever it's called.



Proper akira vibes from this! :D


The devil engine guy is doing a sort of 3d tohou as well.



I've seen a few more on my travels, but I can't remember what they were called or how to find them.

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2 hours ago, Treble said:

Here's a weird one. Battle Garegga on Saturn has a TATE mode, but I can't see a way to reorient the controls to match. Did Raizing just... forget? :unsure:


I'll check this for ya soon - it's definitely in there somewhere! I haven't played my Saturn copy in years but it might have something to do with turning on the 'simple' menu, or English.

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2 hours ago, Quest said:

Did you try all the screen rotation options? I have a vague memory of encountering the same issue when selecting tate, and it turned out there's another option that also rotated the controls.



29 minutes ago, Klatrymadon said:


I'll check this for ya soon - it's definitely in there somewhere! I haven't played my Saturn copy in years but it might have something to do with turning on the 'simple' menu, or English.

Thanks! Will try this out. I did that thing with my phone and the wibbly-wobbly Google translation, but it really didn't like the horrible 500-something rez, interlaced flickery boohockey that is the pause menu :)

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Yeah, I've tried to play Japanese RPGs using that but it really didn't want to read anything most of the time. :p


@Treble So, apparently I have tested it out within the last year, because my settings were still saved! As far as I can tell, all I've done is change the first option on the menu so that the little ship is pointing left (assuming your screen is rotated already) rather than up (which gives the incorrect non-rotated controls).



If you press L or R you get another menu, and one of those ON/OFF toggles is for English. Icarus' post here goes through the lot, I think: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4876


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Still no 1cc. I did get 25th on the leaderboard though!


I think I must have gotten really lucky RNG on the stage 5 boss on that fluky first run because ever since it's been a total prick.
I think I'm getting my strategy down now, but it's one thirsty mother. Just gobbling down my extends like there's no tomorrow.


Figured this out before I stopped playing there. Just in case anyone else is a dumb as me.

I checked in the tutorial and they were talking about bombs.
Leave your main shot as "shot + bomb", they mean the little missile that you drop rather than a tradition bomb, you want to be shooting them all the time.

I've been playing it all this time just shooting straight ahead :facepalm:



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4 hours ago, englishbob said:

Is this where you order Cotton Reboot from? Says its a pre-order?


You can get the digital version on the Japanese PSN - https://store.playstation.com/ja-jp/product/JP5328-CUSA18012_00-COTTONREBOOT0510


If you're after physical, I think the strictly release got delayed.
Ordering from Japan might be the way to go if you want it sooner.


1 hour ago, Camel said:

What are the menus like in Cotton Reboot? Is it worth waiting for the SLG version?


Menu's are in english regardless, but you can turn on the english language text throughout (manual, cutscenes etc.) on the PS4 as detailed here - https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?p=1444596#p1444596

Don't know if the same trick works on the switch.


1 hour ago, spatular said:

i'm thinking of maybe ordering cotton or aleste - which would people go for?


Choosing between Aleste or Cotton is a tricky one. It's very much apples n oranges. They'll both tickle different parts of your shmup brain.

I'm still in the honeymoon phase with cotton too, so it'd be hard to step back and weigh both releases against each other.

While there's a whole lot of game in the aleste collection, this cotton arrange on it's own feels pretty meaty, lots of scoring depth, lots of replayability hopefully.

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Nice one, Haze!
You're right near the end there! Just a couple more shots, kid!


I love it when there's someone who's more or less equal to you in ability and you can have a fun rivalry.
Pushes you both on to greater heights.


I saw Mark put up a commentary of his 1cc of arcade mode the other night if that interests you at all. I don't know which mode you're playing, but you might get some handy tips for any sections you find troublesome regardless.


I just checked and he rattles on about input lag for the first minute, so you might want to skip that. I got the distinct impression that you were very much over that sort of chat the last time it came up :D



Wow, somebody likes Monolith :S - https://neozoid-games.itch.io/astronautilus-demo

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I’ve had 2 space harrier runs die to stage 17 since last night when going in with 2 lives.


That stage is bloody mental. If I can just survive it I’ll get the 1 credit clear after the stage 18 boss rush (it’s easy). I’m so bloody close.


Thank god for stage select so I can practice.

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Ooh yeah! Got my cotton arrange 1cc just there.




Didn't beat my best score which is annoying.

I beat MarxMSX though!
Teehee! That's a one in the eye for the lad who can 2-all dodonpachi :D
Pretty sure cotton sorts the men from the boys. I am now officially the better player.


I totally arsed the tea time bit at the end of every stage I think. I'm usually alright until stage 4 or something. It was like I was trying to run into them!

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I've already got one of these but needed another for my sisters house and I noticed today that it's only 18 quid with the voucher.
Click the little "40% voucher" tick box under the price.


If you're in the market for a vesa arm mount for rotating a 17" to 27" monitor, these are solid, well made and work.

I thought it was worth mentioning since these are already pretty well priced at 30 quid, but 18 quid is a steal.

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Great tip regarding that monitor arm. This DELL monitor is lovely rotated, actually, and its stand is pretty nice. An arm like that would be would be super ergonomic, mind you.


I had a busy week, and then a weekend doing all sorts, and only just now am sitting down to play some STG. I might give CCWE a go on the Switch... or some DDP (trying to get the 1CC on DDP). CCWE really is an outstanding game.


My arcade stick fetish is in full swing, mind you. I spent a few hours yesterday with a soldering iron, stepping drill bits, dremel, etc... modding my supergun controller with a Brook board so I can use it on... everything!


Here's my view for the next hour or two, obviously with that lovely CRT on.



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Wow! Excellent work, dig dug! Nice username! I don't suppose you've got a replay you could share?


edit: Nice one, brother! Gonna watch that before I go to bed :D


I know that feeling. I think some games have taken years off my life, sometimes my heart properly starts pounding when I get to the final boss :D


Not as impressive, but I no-missed the final boss in cotton tonight.
Took a while for it to register, I was like "Hang on a minute, I didn't die!"





I dug out an old monitor today for taking to my sisters while I'm there. It's been sitting at the back of my cupboard for years.


I did have some bigger spare monitors but my nephews chewed through them. This one got left because it was so wee, he wasn't interested.


It's the w2363d, a 23.5" 1920x1080 lg monitor.
I've just searched gmail for the email from scan, I bought it in 2011 for £147.


It was my first 120hz flat panel after slumming it in the wilderness years with 60hz.

I can distinctly remember setting it up and creaming my pants at how good it felt!


It still works, and what's more, it feels pretty nippy at 60hz so it's great for my ps4.


I remember buying it for the "thru mode" which has literally 0ms input lag.

I tried it out just sitting it on the edge of my desk there and it was a revelation!

I think because I got so used to the pixels per inch of my 27" 1080 monitor, I didn't get a chance to see what I was missing.

Playing an arcade game like that, like you would in an arcade on a sharp display so close, it feels so good!


I thought I'd be slumming it on my tiny little 10 year old cheap twatty monitor, I thought it'd be all washed out and naff but it's still fighting fit and feels great.
Definitely gonna use this for my ps4 now!


Spoonman knows what he's doing, got my own little arcade setup going now too.
The monitor doesn't have speakers, but I've got one of these, you can just plug it into your ps4 and it sounds really good, I think.

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Ahhhh that Sigma stick! One of the best ever! I know the feeling re: arcade stick addiction. As well as obvious beasts like the Sigma, there are all sorts of outmoded sticks that I still really want, like the Micomsoft XE-1 Pro (PCE ver.), the Konami Hyperstick, the Hori Fighting Stick PC/SS/PS, all of the older Hori RAPs, the Namco Arcade Stick, and even below-par stuff like the PCE ASCII stick and the Mega Drive Power Stick. Why do I want this CRAP?!


Nice Taito ash tray, btw! I have a red one despite not smoking at all - I mentioned them in passing to my partner once and she secretly ordered me one soon after. :D

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I'm really loving the cotton reboot arrange.
So joyful! It's a nice easy clear once you've played a few times and gotten used to some of the bosses, but it's so much fun playing through and getting a little better score each time.
It looks and sounds amazing.


Natsuki is still number 1 so far, but if you consider that that technically came out in 2019, the cotton reboot is game of the year for me so far!


That Wrongcock Skis Rangok Skies came out today. Not in any rush to grab that one, to be honest, especially at that price, but the demo was fun enough - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1262140/Rangok_Skies/


Will save my march pocket money for Barrage Fantasia and Assault Shell instead, and then maybe Rangok might get a look in if I've got any left over.


Tried taking a photo of my setup today to see if it looked as good as spoonys.

It did not :lol:

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