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(sketchbook exchange)


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Erm, you've heard of football teams?

I'm not sure if it's any use. There are 20 teams. Each one plays all the others (twice) each season, in a randomised order.

Maybe similar to the sketchbook swap order you are trying to work out.

I remember writing a spec for a football game once, and tried to work out how to plan a season's fixtures, and my brain started melting as well.

Trust me, i know what i think i'm supposed to be doing <_< but doing it right seems to require some sort of magical mathemeatical equation. I got so far as well, but it was when the final pieces were to be put together that the dead ends started appearing. Behold:


To ATF with it I guess!


So so accurate. It's supposed to be written on the other side but it... bloomin' isn't!!

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Possibly, but wouldnt that entail sending the book you have to the same person every time?

Yeah, I dunno if you could start with that then just keep swaping them round until its all more randomised but still works out?

It's all very mathematical isn't it :)

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Sorry to break the flow, but what kind of sketchbook is everyone going for?

I'm mainly agonizing over size.

I ended up with one of these and one of these. Whichever I don't use for this will be a nice sketchbook for me anyway. The large might be a bit hefty for posting about but it's a more suitable scale for me. The small one really is tiny but there are enough pages for people to double-page their stuff if they like.

Decisions, decisions!

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I'm mainly agonizing over size.

I ended up with one of these and one of these.

Both of those are great choices, Moleskines are very good quality and highly durable books. For this project I would reccommend the pocket sized book. The larger moleskines are a decent size but are surprisingly heavy. The pocket ones are about half the size BUT are crafted so that you can easily draw accross a double page spread; theres no crease as you get towards the spine so its like having one large page. Plus the books have a cool fold out pocket at the back for people to leave treasure in. Anyone having trouble finding a book on the highstreet might want to scout out any art shop (durrr)... if there isnt one then you can always try WHSmiths. Honeslty, any book is good so long as you try and avoid a) mega thin pages and b.) books with tear-out pages (because you can almost garauntee that over time theyll fall out).

It seems that the quizzle over the schedule bizzle might be sorted. I'll have a second, more reassuring attempt tomorrow when i've not just had 12 hours at work.

People who have missed out, keep your ear to the ground on this one. Chances are someone might have to drop out (hopefully not!), so willing understudies would be required to take their place should that happen. I'm going to start a new thread for when we get this going, probably tomorrow. I'll give people more time to acquire a decent book and have a think about the ground rules they want to apply for the themes etc., just keep in mind that the first post-ey time will be Monday 29th September.

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