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Harry and Paul (Fridays 9pm BBC1)

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Just spent the afternoon watching all these on iplayer. Love this series!

Particularly loved the surgeons flashback to the 7up style documentary, Charlie Higsons cameo in the queer sketch is brilliant and the Arab celebrations were hilarious.

With Sophie Winkleman in the cast (aka Lady Frederick Windsor) the minor royals sketch is particularly close to home. That's essentially her parents-in-law.

Hope they expand Parking Patewayo to really stick the knife into the insane thievery of local authorities and their treatment of anyone with a car as an easy source of revenue. So much potential.

So much good stuff I can't remember it all. Ricky Gervais and speaking in Danish had me in stitches too and great to see Question Time get a long overdue kick in the balls.

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Yeah, this stuff


Made me laugh loads

Loved how they kept coming back to this. Remember something that Nick Frost said in the DVD commentary for the episode of SPACED when they go clubbing: "I had to mime I was firing a AK-47 into the air like I was at a Turkish wedding".

Have never seen such scenes but then I did a Youtube search:

Love the parody on wacky French car commercials. Not been to France in years, but my memories of their TV ads are certainly along those lines.

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Anyone see Harry and Paul's History of BBC2 earlier tonight? It was unexpectedly fantastic? A fantastic set of pitch-perfect parodies. The impression of Mel and Sue the two women did on the short Bake Off sketch was incredible.

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Some of the impersonations were incredibly cruel. I'd expect both Enfield and Whitehouse getting frowned at for some time by the panel show establishment. Greg Wallace was perfect, Hislop was brilliant and the Noel Fielding was superb. It was pretty dark in places.

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