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Memorable gaming speech.

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My personal favourites are mostly found in Rock 'n' Roll Racing...

"The race is set, the green flag drops!"

Mind you, the sound design for that game all round was immense... I still prefer the RnRR version of Paranoid to the actual recording, hah :)

Did anyone ever play Revenant? I didn't, but I recall me and my brother being hilariously shocked by the voice acting in the demo - the main character insisted on sounding super important during even the most mundane of conversations...

One that's stuck over the years was the protagonist melodramatically exclaiming to a shopkeeper: "I'M going to look arouuund A BIT."

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Oh and 'YOU'VE GOT BOOST POWAH!' from F-Zero 64. Fucking Hilarious.


My gaawsh that was good... Just reminded me of a holiday with mates in spain last year actually - the villa had an N64 and F-zero, so it became quite the drunken ritual - "YOU'VE GOT BOOST POWER!" soon becoming the inappropriate catchphrase of the week.

Try shouting it at a friend whilst they're pulling, it's classic. They might not find it that funny, but for every time they don't laugh you will TWICE.

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"A black car?"

"I'm looking for some... sailors."

Reisdent Evil 4



"Metal Geeeeeaaar?! It can't be?!"

"I'm YOU! I'm your shadow!"

"Have at you, Snake!"





"Geeerrrrrrrrrrr And Theft Audo!"

"The men folk found their women scary, because they were so big n hairy..." [radio]


"Friendship, Friendship... again?"


"OohI'mgonnathrowyouoverthere" [the throw sound effect]

Street Fighter




PES1, (Jp version)


Warcraft 2

"I can see my house from here! I wish I had a weapon."

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"Metal Geeeeeaaar?! It can't be?!"

"I'm YOU! I'm your shadow!"

"Have at you, Snake!"


Going back to MGS again, having an identical twin brother when there's sooooo much quotable Liquid/ Solid dialogue is very useful! Ah, fun times.

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'Good Luck! - Starfox/Starfox64.

'Piece of cake' - Super Punch Out.

'FLYING','NICE!' and 'FOUL' - Track and Field/Hyper Sports.

I use these words often.

As a slight aside though the same thing I guess - whenever I feel pain, I yelp the sound the Elf from Gauntlet makes when he gets hurt. 'EEYOWLL'.

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Starcraft - "En Taro Adun, Tassedar!" and all the comments in the Wraith's Chuck Yeager drawl ("I... copy that") and the Goliath's digitised voice ("Acknowledged, tac-com")

Deus Ex -

Sega Rally - "Game over, yeeeeeaaah!" and "Very long easy right... maybe!"

Burning Rangers - "Keep moving until the fire is COMPLETELY out" and "I cannot access the map of the area you are in!" - The rather irritating default responses you get from Chris when you ask for advice about where to go next. :(

Lots have people have mentioned football game commentary, but one memorable one for me is from Olympic Soccer on the Saturn. After a bad tackle: "I don't think they'll be exchanging Christmas cards!"

HADOKEN always sounded like BUUULLL-SHIT! to me.

I originally thought it was just a combination of the two main characters: "RYUANDKEN!"

And hurricane kick was "tak tak tak hurrican!"

On the Japanese voice settings for Soul Calibur II, it sounds like Nightmare keeps shouting "Coke for my dinner!" all the time.

During one all-night Soul Calibur 2 session at uni, we somehow decided that Kilik's yell during a jumping vertical attack was "CAT STEVENS!"

"He's on fire!" - NBA Jam, Arcade

"Oh my, he's on fire!" was shouted in the startup sequence of NBA Jam Tournament Edition. Also: "Dunk time! Tonight's matchup... Rockets -- versus -- Bulls!"

Lots more in

. I'd forgotten "BOOMSHAKALAKA!" :ph34r:
"Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get it on!" - WWF Superstars, Arcade

Or UFC's

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"Asshole my shit" from GTA: SA. Happened when someone hit your car and it was meant to be more "Asshole, my shit" but CJ said it like someone was assholing his shit, which is a brilliantly surreal insult. It's a phrase me and my friends still use from when we were house sharing and battered the life out of the game.

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Have we had Frank West? Surely we have and I've missed him. Still...

"I've covered wars you know."

Useful for when someone cautiously asks you to perform a new task.

Yes. Yes, we did. :P

But it can't be said enough.

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In Q3 Team Arena, when returning a flag mere feet from capture.

"My House"

Unreal Tournament/ Glorious game, containing arguably one of the best, most memorable CTF maps ever made (Facing Worlds).

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"This house is too dangerous.. there are terrible demons.. OOOUUUCH" My fave resi evil quote!

Also all the samples in streets of rage 2 would regularly be used as banter between me and my brother.

"EEE-PO ERRUGANCING" Think it was the ninjas that said something like this when they jump.

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Ha ha!


I love it!

Beware the power of the Devil Hand!

All classic quotes from a cult classic

Personally I love the Mike Tyson quotes; 'my defence is impregnable!' often gets rolled out when I'm tonking someone in Pro Evo.

You're not Alexander!

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I dunno if anyones mentioned the Halo 3 multi-player stuff that just rings in my ear from time to time from the announcer, such as:

Unfriggin-believable, triple kill, kill-tacular, flag captured etc.


memorable little speech from Sargeant Johnson and his marines in Halo 2 seems to come to mind for some reason.....ooh rah!

Lots of corny GOW soundbites come to mind. Markus in particular from the constant invitation of "Let's do this" I had to hear from the cutscene just before fighting mammoth, end of game boss Raam for the hundredth time.

Also Markus saying "Aaaargh c'mon" when you missed the cue for active reloads.

Lastly Cole with his terret-like shouts of "Shit!!" and "You wish baby!!".

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