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X-Factor 2008

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2.28 is the time when that link shows the song goes from "poor cover" to "abomination unto the lord".

I liked that little bit - it's the most exciting thing in the song! The whole thing is woeful, though.

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Well done to the marketing people and Mr Cowell. Hopefully she'll come away from this with plenty of money and use her great voice to make some decent pop music next year. (decent is used in relative to the genre).

I'm hoping the PR folk can actually mold her into a likeable, cool and interesting person, too.

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Today while reading the Watchmen at HMV Sauchihall St in Glasgow, I've seen Egwein, that little twat, along with the midget from JLS. They were inside the shop hooded and shit, looking very suspicious as if they're scared people will find out who they were.

I regret not choke-slamming Egwein.. very much.

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