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X-Factor 2008

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You know what was hilarious?

Oeighun was up to Diana trying to get a snog and she wasn't having it live on air. Then she goes "little owenhgn" and runs off...

He lurrvvvesss her and she's going to be off with someone else in about 2 minutes.

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The whole Eggnog display was the weirdest thing i've seen on reality tv for a while. The presenters wouldn't even talk to him, presumably incase he confessed his undying love on air. Brilliant.

Hopefully Diana will get "voice cancer" so we never have to hear her sing (or speak) again. Oh and as for Eggnog next week... My prediction is he will come last followed by Alexandra (so she won't get unfair comparisons to Leona in her future career), and JLS to win!

Come on boys! Boys 2 Men next week surely

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Alexandra should win but here is what's going to happen next week.

Alexandra finishes in 3rd place, this is put down to the mongs not voting on the basis that she would be fine. And we are down to the final 2.

And the winner is..................Fucking Eggnog. Why? Because he'll pick up the Vickers votes based on his tears tonight and the tabloids insistence that Diana's been choking on his cock for the last few weeks.


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Nah, Alexandra will win. Her and JLS are the only two in the running, and they're crap.

The public have had enough of the gruesome twosome now. Their votes tonight will have been miniscule.

It's weird though, when they showed claw's video it proved she definitely got worse the further into the contest she got. At least the bells is consistently shite.

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JLS are a group of nothings on stage. I actually mean zero mass, they're not there, so much (or little) so that they couldn't even be shown on Most Haunted.

I think they'll rank up there along side One True Voice, Phixx, Northern Line, etc...

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It's been obvious that Eggmong's going to win since about week 2. Every week he dials in another mediocre performance but gets lavished with praise from the judges. He must be so far ahead in the voting it's ridiculous.

This will only get worse in the final, which will attract a whole load of casual viewers that haven't been watching all the way through who will end up voting for him because he's "sweet". The fact he's a 16-year-old who looks about 11 will no doubt swing it for him.

Personally I'd be happy enough with either Alexandra or JLS to win, though Alexandra is clearly in a totally different league to everyone else in the competition.

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