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Scrambled Eggs

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Some great ideas here guys. Soy Sauce and sun dried tomatoes are two favs I had not even considered AND should both stay good for extended periods of time. Thanks!


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5 minutes ago, MarkN said:

These I've tried and like:

Truffle oil (an acquired taste, but goes well with scrambled eggs).

Soy sauce would work (when I make stir fries I tend to add strips of omelette made just with eggs beaten with a little soy sauce - v. nice)


These are guesses:

Dried herbs might work - you'd want soft ones - mint and dill would be nice I'd guess, tarragon would add a bit of an aniseed note...

Capers and gherkins? Never tried it, but's most of the way to a tartare sauce, but with scrambled eggs. Sounds like it would work, but you'd want to go easy on them to be safe.

Other antipasti type things - sundried tomatoes, olives, artichokes? Might sound a little bizarre, but if you like the flavours, then I think egg would stand up to a little of this sort of thing, and if they're in oil they'll keep for yonks (you could even use the oil to cook them in).


I realise some people like it (personally I think it's because they associate the word 'truffle' with expense and opulence), but the large majority of truffle oil isn't actually made of real truffles. It's just made up of chemicals that supposedly taste like truffles.




Personally I think it's disgusting.


I've just remembered I have some in my cupboard at home because someone bought it for me as a gift. 


I need to throw it away. It genuinely offends me, and I'll eat pretty much anything.

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I know truffle oil isn't anything of the sort, but I still rather like it. I've only ever had the real deal once and wasn't that keen on them, but then maybe I just got unlucky. I'm aware it's not the real deal, but that's fine.


I know where you're coming from though - I love pickled onions, but can't stand pickled onion flavoured monster munch... 

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2 hours ago, meatbin said:

If you want something you can make in advance, these are great and you can add anything to them rather than sweetcorn, cheese, and bacon.




I like to add spring onions and peppers.  A decent muffin pan can be found in most supermarkets.


Yep, we do these. We add grilled peppers (from a jar), ham, spring onions and feta. Pretty damn nice. I would put chili flakes in, but my missus doesn't like stuff too spicy.

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I expect you would have better success with boiling eggs than scrambling them, if you only have access to a microwave / need to prep everything beforehand. For me scrambled eggs have to be a bit runny - and it's hard to achieve this in a microwave (it's either liquid or completely overcooked and chalky). Gooey yolk is the best form of egg possible - that's what you should aim for imo. You could chop them up and put them in a salad (croutons, avocado, the works) and prepare / buy a dressing to make it more interesting (although seasoning properly with salt + pepper will get you most of the way) then mix it all up when you're at work?

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On 04/09/2018 at 15:54, Andy_Why said:

So I have been trying to add protein into my diet and after chatting to my PT, I feel like eggs are going to be the best option for me. I want to eat two during the day, although I only have access to a microwave in work so I'm going to be limited to scrambled eggs for the most part.


Here's my concern- I get bored of the same food time after time and I want to avoid that. Does anyone have any good suggestions for things I could mix into my scrambled eggs to make it more interesting? Ideally things that have a decent shelf life so I can use it over the course of a few months, if possible. After a week of basic scrambled eggs I have tried garlic chili sauce as of today and it was a delicious combination. But I'd like a few more options!


Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.




I have melted a little smoked chipotle chili jelly into the pan before cooking scrambled eggs, and it turned out pretty nice. Might be a little too sweet for some tastes. There are a bunch of different chili jelly/jams available, but this is the one I used:



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