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I love music, it really is one of very few things keeping my head together on a daily basis, something that I can have on and just drift with a hint of merriment through daily life. Lykke first came to my attention after sampling Girl Talk's 'Feed The Animals' album and finding it a little bit too scatty to be likeable, from here I was recommended I look at 'The Hood Internet' and their odd Hip-Hop/Indie mixes. On their site: http://www.thehoodinternet.com/ I downloaded a few mixes and found the one that grabbed me the most was the Lykke Li one, a pretty fantastic combination of a few different backing tracks set to her lovely little voice. After playing it through a few times I had to search out her album and see for myself.

'Youth Novels' is a wonderful album and fully deserving of the many many many repeat listens it's had over the past few weeks, Lykke is a superb little songwriter and the album is a lovely relaxed beautiful little creation, utterly adorable.

Oh, and she's cute too.

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18 hours ago, Pixelated Ben said:

Resurrecting this old abandoned thread to say I bought Lykke Li's most recent album (although it was released nearly three years ago) and - wowzers - what a beautiful album. It's her fourth to-date, and my favourite. Her voice sounds at is absolutely finest.


Wounded Rhymes is her best imho. She is so great though!

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