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Old Pairs of Slippers


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i'm forever going back to old games!

Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story especially but most Square PSone era games

Axelay / Super Aleste

Shin Samurai Spirits

Battle Garegga


King of Fighters '98

pretty much any CAVE shooter

Super Mario World

Resident Evil remake

Ridge Racer 6/7

Street Fighter II Champion Edition

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Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 are real stayers. I play them every year probably, same as I read Lord of The Rings etc.

Homeworld 2

Burnout Revenge

Advance Wars series

Resident Evil 4


Ring of Red

Final Fantasy VI

Fallout series

CoD 4

Halo series

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I'd have to add Trackmania United, there are so many new tracks for it I can kep going back and having a quick blast every now and again. Still utter shite at multiplayer never managing to get into the top 16 on any event but it doesn't matter, it's just a nice game to play.

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Oh man! Well thanks to this thread I played the first game I've touched in weeks tonight... Gitarooman, I will always love you :unsure:

Did all of normal mode and up to Mojo King Bee on Master.. Thumb is now mega tired :D

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@ Kevvy :

C2C is an "installed on the HDD" joby - never had the original to sell ;)

As for Ridge6, I've horsed a lot of it on 2 USA copies and both times the save file has wiped utterly killing my enthusiasm and forcing the sale - then I end up buying it again cos I miss it - Got a PAL copy now hoping it behaves and have re-downloaded all the music I wasted hundreds & hundreds of MS points on :D

LOL :)

Well I can tell you that a USA save works 100% with a PAL copy of the game.

I kinda had a similar experience with my copies of RR6.

First one was US, disc cracked in the drive! was totally fucked!

2nd one was PAL, work on US save. Got to 93.7% Then some fucker broke into my flat and stole my 360 and HDD :( bye bye save. :)

Got it all back on insurance, but could not be fucked going through the chore of all the early races. The game doesn't start till Type 3!!

So I got RR7 instead :( which is awesome!

My favourites replayers are prob -

HL2. Finished it 5+ times.

Zelda OOT. Finished 4+ times.

MGS1 (PS). Finished 7+ times.

And RE4 of course!

Finished 3 times on GC (2 normal, 1 pro) once on PS2 (normal) and Twice on Wii! (normal) and i'm currently 1/2 way through Pro run on Wii!

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Guardian Heroes

Saturn Bomberman

Laser Squad

Lords of Chaos

Bubble Bobble


Gauntlet 4

When I catch up with my old mates we always put on something from the above and it's always a great, great laugh. Maybe the nostalgia is all that does it or maybe they're just superbly designed.

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I generally find playing older games a bit of a downer for some reason, but the following get a good rinsing every year or so:

Super Mario World (completed with 96 exits approx. 15 times)

Super Mario World 2 (completed with 100% approx. 10 times)

Super Mario Kart (completed with 100% gold approx 100 times)

Zelda: AlttP (completed with everything approx 10 times)

ICO (completed approx. 5 times)

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I played the original Resident Evil through countless times (PS1, Sat, GC).

I have an insane speed run on the Saturn version - something like 1hr 15mins (no Magnum, no Grenade Launcher if memory serves). GC version's going to get a Wii recall very soon, I can feel it...

All versions of Street Fighter 2 (and the Alpha series) in the home, particularly Zero 3 on Saturn. I'd spend literally days playing it, completing world tour with every character, seeing how many perfect completions on level 8 I could get, that sort of thing.

A mate of mine also get really obsessed. He had the PS1 version, and played world tour constantly until Guile was unlocked. He wasn't impressed seeing Guile available from the off in the Saturn version :)

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Halo, Morrowind, SF2/3/Alpha, EDF 2017, FFVII, Thief 1 and 2, Planescape: Torment, System Shock 2, Mario 1, 3 and World, Serious Sam, Doom 1 and 2...

For some excellent co-op sessions Halo (the first one of course) will never get boring. The same goes for EDF 2017 ( :) ), co-op gaming at it's best.

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The only one I can honestly say I return to again and again at the moment is Animal Crossing DS. I play Advance Wars loads too, but usually the latest iteration rather than the first GBA one (the first one I played). I've also bought and played various Mario and Zelda games over and over, but I don't return to them that much once complete.

Half-Life 2 is probably the game I've played and completed the most times, or maybe Mario 64.

Wii Sports too, obviously, and I went through a phase of playing Tempest 2000 for a few years, but it's been a few years now since I played that too.

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