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Old Pairs of Slippers


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Dunno about Vigilante but I definitely replay SOR1+2 and Vendetta more than is strictly necessary.

This is the part where I say 'Toejam & Earl' again. But it's true, I play it through at least 1-2 times a year.

Also Centipede, Quake 3, and for the last six months or so ETQW.

Oh, and I occasionally stick on Mafia and drive about in free play, just ridiculously atmospheric. More so in it's way than even Stalker and Oblivion, and certainly more than any of the GTAs. A game set in London in the same time period would be insane, so long as it wasn't the Getaway people doing it.

It's a shame more games aren't open ended once you complete the main story, I'd love to go back to the Metroid Primes or Bioshock etc. and just poke around the world, but can't be arsed to start the whole quest again.

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I always do this. I've got about 100 games that I can't get rid of for sentimental reasons. And yet I never load any of them up again as I don't have time to play the new ones.

Mind you, the game that gets played most in my house is Pikmin 2 so maybe the kids will graduate on to Ico or Gradius V in due course so I'd better hold onto that PS2.

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Mentioned this in Ask the Forum just a couple of days ago, so apologies...

Jagged Alliance 2 - over and over, again and again. I've never even finished it though. Playing it now with a community "patch" which is the absolute pooch's nutsack. Better AI, more guns (there's either 300+ or 400+ now, I forget which), weather, data externalisation (so that much of the game can be customised on the fly from a .ini), re-enabling of never implemented developer features (such as a massive enemy counterattack at one of the mines...). It's simply brilliant, and the comfy slippers analogy is so apt :wub:

Or, rather, it's like comfy slippers that have been re-soled and washed, but you still have your worn-in foot groove on the inside.

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Sonic 3 & Knuckles (MD). Played through at least twice a year, just nice to get stuck into for a couple of hours. I could practically play it blindfolded by now, it's all so natural and comfortable.

In 1997 (I think), I must have played Crash Bandicoot 2 (PS1) once per day, beginning to end (five and a half hours, fact fans) for about six months. I memorised the absolutely most efficient route to get every gem and crystal without replaying any level more than absolutely necessary. It was mental.

Metal Gear Solid (PS1) and Final Fantasy VII (PS1) are two comfy pair of slippers, which, thanks to the PSP's emulation, I still revisit to this day. Completed 13 and 8 times, respectively, and not likely to stop there!

Not many of the recent releases inspire me in quite the same way, however, I can easily see myself hanging onto games like Shadow of the Colossus, The Sands of Time and Metroid Prime for replaying a few times. Oh, Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission (GBA) are both comfortably familiar to me now and I'm sure I'll keep those forever. :wub:

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I always wonder about that one, given how it's talked about. Had the sequel for Xbox in my hand for 1000 yen and left it because I had too many games in the waiting pile.

Was it an actual JPN release? or just some imported US version as I wasn't aware that the game was ever officially released in Japan for the Xbox.

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Super Mario World, Halo:CE and PGR2.

If the entire games industry went belly up over night I could quite happily spend the rest of my days just playing these three. I'd probably still never finish Halo on Legendary either.

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Outrun2 C2C (cannot find a retail copy of this ANYWHERE)

Why did you sell it in the first place? :lol:

Ridge Racer 6 (on my 3rd copy now)

Why did you sell it in the first place? ;)

In the case of OR2. It was always going to be Niche and as a result, hard to obtain in the future.

I've still got both my copies of OR2 and OR2006, on teh xbox.

but no longer do i own an xbox.

I can defo say the 2006 is the clear winner when played via BC on the 360. Framerate is a lot better.

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@ Kevvy :

C2C is an "installed on the HDD" joby - never had the original to sell :lol:

As for Ridge6, I've horsed a lot of it on 2 USA copies and both times the save file has wiped utterly killing my enthusiasm and forcing the sale - then I end up buying it again cos I miss it - Got a PAL copy now hoping it behaves and have re-downloaded all the music I wasted hundreds & hundreds of MS points on ;)

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