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Old Pairs of Slippers


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Had a bit of a game cull a while back and let go of a lot of junk. There were titles that I just couldn't part with, as I know they will be replayed again and again over the course of my life. The list is fairly small.

Halo CE




Metroid Fusion

Yoshi's Island




That's it. I have got other stuff, but these are games I genuinely get out and play every year or so (COD is obviously fairly recent)

Which are the ones ones you genuinely have no trouble picking up like a favourite book and starting again from chapter one?

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Lots of mame stuff.....too various to mention - mainly shmups or platformers. I love going setting up the GUI to time and plaing the early stuff then moving through the years and seeing the advancements.

Densha De Go Pro, Trainsim, Railsim, etc, etc

Fight Night.

I've never really actually played the orignal Half Life properly. I only got as far as the first Ed209 thing and for some reason i stopped playing it. I think i had mouse lag, and never bothered to sort it out.

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Original Half-Life, even if it's just to play the beginning. Reminds me of uni and good times. And it is still great despite it being nearly 10 years old.

As I play Half Life 2 I must agree that playing it through makes me yearn for some of the original Half Life sections and I'd love to play it again all the way through - if they brought up an updated remake for the 360 it'd be amazing but it will never happen. Half Life made me like the FPS genre.

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That bad boy for me. It's the game I love to curl up to every now and then.

I got a free promotional disc for Shenmue when I bought my DC in Japan. Hated the demo and never bought it.

I always wonder about that one, given how it's talked about. Had the sequel for Xbox in my hand for 1000 yen and left it because I had too many games in the waiting pile.

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I can't get enough of it ;) love the game to bits. It took Kung Fu Master to another level!

oh, and:


I remember buying it on the spectrum. It was such a big purchase for me, (about £10.99). I remember picking it up from the expensive rack, none of that £1.99 stuff this week, oh no, I'm splashing the cash on a game that comes in a double cassette box.

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From the box. Indeed!

any other version than the PCE one, was a massive failure.

here's the fucking Amiga version:


Spectrum version recieving an honest review (I loved it, worth each and every one of the 1099 pennies I spent on it).

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Halo tends to get replayed a lot, as does Resi 4. If I've got only a few minutes to spare I tend to blaze through Emerald Hill Zone in Sonic 2.

And I've played through Pokémon more times than is healthy.

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Now thats shocking ;)

compared to:

I love the bug there, mid way through the first level, the player runs out of lives and has to continue. The guy appears and gets instantly put into a hold move by the enemy, despite him flashing invulnerable.

It does look a bit better than the Spectrum version, I'll admit that.

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Tetris - using the original Gameboy cartridge. I don't think i'll ever get tired of building up the space for the long shape then playing the waiting game to see if you get one before you reach the top. Or will you end up having to take 2 lines using the L block?

Other games I keep going back to: 2d and 3d Mario titles, Yoshi Island, Halo, Out Run 2, SFII, Super Mario Cart, Pac Man, early EA sports games especially early 90's versions of Madden and Ice Hockey, Resi 4.

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