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Infamous by Sucker Punch


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Actually I just spent 15 mins doing nothing but platforming and shooting random enemies- basically playing it Crackdown style.

And you know what, it properly clicked a bit. The platforming in this is a lovely little mix of Crackdown with some of the automatedness of A.Creed (scaling buildings is fun but very easy). Jumping around, shooting and blasting away enemies- even graphically just looking at the city it's really looks like Crackdown but with the obvious variety and superpowers thrown in.

This could be something really special- esp for YES you guessed it, Crackdown fans! There even seems to be collectibles to find on some higher places sorta like orbs.

Defo defo preorder from me

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Just finished playing this and I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. As soon as I loaded it up, I ignored the first mission and had a little jump around

and slide! (on the overhead cables and train tracks)

. I do agree that it is quite easy to die. I died a lot yet I was just diving in to fights, if you approach them a bit more cautiously then things are more easier. You seem to gain XP from every enemy you kill and extra XP is awarded for things just as "High Fall" which is either from killing them after a large drop + explosion or by knocking the buggers off a building with a electricity blast.

The powers are a little fiddly at first, I found it best to use the shockwave at close range and the 'bolt' for long range sniping.

I'll write more after playing it some more and sleeping but from what I have seen so far, I'll be picking this up as soon as it comes out.

Oh, I'll also second the feelings of it being a bit like Crackdown and there are little collectibles dotted around the city which award you an extra 'battery' once you've collected a certain amount.

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Right, the more I play the more I see this is basically like a reimagining of Crackdown- and a good one! There is a somewhat different feel to the main bulk of the gameplay, but the two games feel really similar too.

Crackdown: Emphasis on about specific climbing, scaling (ie agency tower), jumping, agility orbs, co op, throwing shit around

Infamous: Has all that from what I can see in the demo, to a lesser degree in some ways- more emphasis on actual missions and variety placed within them- some great set ups, karma etc. It's more about what you do when you land from a jump than the actual jumping-if that makes sense. I really like it. A lot.

Seriously though, if you liked CD and you have a PS3- this is looking like it'll be right up your street while providing a completely different experience at the same time.

Thanks for the link Okotta!

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Great demo! It has moved the game from a maybe/guilty purchase to a definite buy to me. I'm still not completely sold on some aspects, but the demo went a long way toward impressing me about others. I'd read praise for some individual parts like the movement or sound. I had some problems with those but it is still very satisfying to play. I think no one part of the game is outstanding, but it's really, really solid all around. Or so it feels anyway.

Thanks to Harry by the way, who sorted me out with a demo share in no time!

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Codes are still being sent out, I just got one and it took two minutes to arrive.

For those reading this who are too lazy to read the previous page, Send an email to infamous (at) g-tv.dk with the subject line "Jeg vil også være berygtet".

And for god's sake don't tell Gaf. They're still 'demo sharing' at the moment by swapping PSN account details.

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Lots of fun. I'll be buying it.

It has to be said that it does lack impact and weight, it's far too floaty, something I always hate.

Maybe I won't buy it. Ah, I dunno. There's no rumble, and will that improve things no doubt.

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Holy shit!

That was bloody good, way better than I was expecting.

The engine seems solid, the controls are good, and the simple joy of just leaping around & clambering up everything in sight is always great, the acrobatics has a good flow to it. I tried out a few "I wonder if the game will let me jump onto or land on there" and everytime it did :angry:

Couldn't quite fathom out the health/electricity system but I'm putting that down to the demo

The demo also seems pretty sizeable (I only did the train bit and a little more, I am supposed to be working)

Given that Bionic Commando is looking like a stinker I think I'll definitely pick this up.

EDIT: Yay! 7,000th post and I wasn't moaning for a change.

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I'm still undecided on this - the combat's a bit iffy and the platforming doesn't seem to have the thrill of crackdown or the flow of assassins creed. I'll play the demo a bit more (to be fair I have only played the train mission so far) but it's still a rental for me at the moment.

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That was quite different to what I was expecting actually. The first ten minutes were spent coming to terms with the fact this isn't Crackdown 2. The character felt a little too light, the combat too fiddly and the world just seemed very drab and uninspiring.

After about ten minutes though, you really start to play the game on it's own terms. The character feels light, but then you can grind on electricity cables and train tracks, leap onto ledges, blast enemies whilst hanging from the sides of buildings and swing from lamp posts with ease. You can tell Sucker Punch had a vision for how the game should be, and they haven't faltered.

The combat which I found so fiddly at the start, really comes into it's own for the medical crate and truck missions, as you simply won't survive without mixing up your combat techniques. Using a quick blast which sends any enemies in your immediate surroundings flying, followed up by a few lightening shots or a melee is really satisfying, and towards the end of the medical crate mission, you're sending multiple enemies flying along with any loose scenery, lobbing electricity bombs onto trucks, and raining down lightening on your enemies.

You really do get that super hero vibe from it, that feeling of genuinely being more powerful than everyone around you, not just the character with the longest health bar.

I still have to be convinced by the setting, it's not that the palette or design isn't suited to the story they're trying to tell, and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people on the streets etc. it's just lacking a certain distinctive quality about it, something which I hope later settings will go some way to rectify.

Definite day one though, I just hope that lush looking special edition is making it's way over to Europe.

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That was a lot of fun. :angry:

I love the gliding, really satisfying to do also means if you miss a jump it gives you a bit of extra margin to realign yourself. The climbing works well and being able to shoot whilst hanging on to stuff feels (and looks) really good. If you go in to the options, it looks like there's a lot of extra abilities to unlock which is always good. One last thing, the intro was really well done and I liked the sequence at the end of the train stage, really nice art.

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