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360 US games that are region free?


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Yeah, I had to look through a fair number of lists to do with this sort of thing when I got my 360, because it was Japanese and I wanted to play American games on it. They're actually surprisingly inconsistent; there really are no rules to follow. Games just either are, or they aren't. Case in point, Amped 3 is region locked for Japan, and hasn't even been domestically released here.

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Gears of War wasn't, most (if not all) Ubisoft games aren't.

Need For Speed is EA, so not region free.

Actually it was, and in fact most of the Ubi games are region free.

Its down to the publisher what region the games are locked to, its easier to make 1 disc rather than separate EU and US sku's, and is more feasible these days with with DVD9/Blu Ray to hold audio for multiple languages. It also cuts down on the amount of separate submissions the publisher needs to make to Sony, MS.

The videogamesplus blog is a decent place to keep an eye on region free releases, they test out games as they come in stock.

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