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Halo 3: ODST


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It's very different in style and design to any of the Halo series. Takes a while to click but when it does, wow. It's great. The game plays out like a collection of Halo greatest hits (i.e. battles), interlinked together with a noir mystery story that draws you in and onto the next chapter.

I wasn't too keen on the health mechanic nor how underpowered I felt, but I've soon adapted to it. Especially now I've spent a few hours on the lurvely Firefight mode.

On that note, cheers to Tomdominor, Trok, wiener and jonny_rat for some top entertainment tonight. Had an awesome time. Especially the large map with the VEHICLES. We're finally given the one thing missing from Gears' Horde mode (those tanks are fuckers though).

Pity about the lack fo match-making and drop-in options. The former is a real mystery - Bungie perfected multiplayer match-making after all - and the latter, well you would have thought they'd have figured it out by now :omg:

rllmukODST to the rescue! :omg:




That was the most fun I've had with a game for ages. Ta all!

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Halo will forever be the best game of the series. This is another title that confirms it. It's like Bungie bought Ferraris andf beach condos after they got money from the Halo sales and now they dont care anymore because they are rich.

If someone put a gun to their head, I'm sure they could make something 100 times better.

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All that stuff about being just a vulnerable human not a super human Spartan turned out to be complete bullshit. The game plays identically to the other Halo games. The night vision (unless it turns out to do something more interesting than it has done so far) is very close to pointless. But its certainly competing for the second best Halo game.

The main things I've liked are:

  • powering up the weapons and grenades to more Halo 1 levels.
  • getting rid of the pointless novelty items.
  • some real scope for different ways to take on different enemies with open levels and Halo 1 style sleeping grunts.
  • a Ilovebees style radio play.
  • The Needler is now good, like it was in 1.
  • Hunters are a bit more like they were in Halo 1.
  • The grenades seem a little more powerful and you can carry more, making it a better than the crippled Halo 3 grenade system.
  • The hub city at times seems to be a cool atmospheric addition to Halo, and at other times to just filler to stop you completing the game too quickly.

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Went to the midnight opening of Gamestation here in Edinburgh. Well, I say midnight... I got there at about half past and the shop was empty. They still had lots of copies of the Limited Edition (with controller) left but for £59.99... nah, no thanks. Maybe if I didn't already have three 360 controllers it would have semed a better deal. Standard edition was £34.99, which isn't too bad since it's only a fiver more expensive than ordering online at Amazon/Play.com.

Anyway, I'm on the second level now and the game seems alright so far. :omg:

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Whoa, well I went from being a bit underwhelmed to extremely impressed in a short amount of time with this. I played about an hour of campaign, but fuck that, will talk about that later.

I thought I would see what Firefight was like. Just loaded up the first map and put it on normal to play by myself. It took 72 minutes until I eventually lost all my lives (at 62k in points, 320 kills or so, 13 deaths), I barely managed to finish the first entire set on my last life- which was scary as I ended up with one of my skulls as "only way to replenish shield/stamina is melee". Well my life was down, I was flashing red and one of the last enemies was a Brute Cheiftan with a Hammer :omg: , but I got him in some Halo 1 legendary type dance.

Christ, how brillant must this be that you can play a horde style mode on your OWN and have a thrilling time with over an hour the entire time/ Not a single minute of that time was without it's amazing excitement and thrills. I got onto set 2 and would have kept playing but was getting really tired so I just went mental and got myself a game over finally.

Firefight is amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing. You can't imagine how fun Halo weapons and enemies are with random skulls, massive waves and the utter instinct to survive and see the next phase set in is incredible. Worth the price of admission alone, the Halo 3 MP disc/maps and everything else is just a bonus.

Can't wait to play with you guys tomorrow


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Public service announcement: Don't forget to save before Halo 3: ODST Firefights

This weekend more than a few videogame journalists lost hours of campaign progress they’d made while playing Halo 3: ODST. That’s why Game|Life is issuing this friendly public service announcement: Don’t forget to save and quit at the end of your single-player session.

The game’s new Firefight mode — a co-operative multiplayer brawl that pits up to four players against waves of Covenant troops — seems to be the big culprit. Here’s what happens: A solo player engrossed in the game’s campaign gets an invite to join a Firefight match. He quickly accepts the invite and jumps out of his game, unwittingly losing whatever progress he’d made in the single-player game.

It happened to me. I was forced to replay the first ten or fifteen minutes of the game because I’d jumped out for a Firefight session. So when you pick up Halo 3: ODST tomorrow (or tonight at midnight if you are so inclined), heed our friendly warning. Have fun playing Firefight, but for the love of Master Chief, don’t forget to hit pause and select the “save and quit” option before accepting multiplayer invites.

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So how do I get the Sgt Whatshisname character that I was meant to receive with my Shopto order?

Logo onto your ShopTo account, and then go to the 'codes' tab. However, they don't appear to be there yet, I think I read on their forum that the codes will be added throughout the day.

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Great Single Player

Brilliant Multiplayer Collection of Maps and Firefight on top.

I think this is the best Halo ever. There, I said it.

I completely disagree with you, but that doesn't matter. You know whose opinion I'm waiting on.

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Ffs 34.99, no way am I paying that. I know, its cheap online but still. Fuck it, i'll wait a few weeks for the reductions.

You want to wait for the reductions on a game that 99% of people who play it are going to keep for all the multiplayer bits? Order it online if it's cheap, it'll be quicker.

if u can wait 2 months MW2 drops and this will be a distant memory

See my previous post. Halo 3's multiplayer is still strong and has seen 2 COD games.

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