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Halo 3: ODST

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Halo 2 online multiplayer was excellent (unlike the singleplayer), if you had a regular bunch to play with. I played it far too much for over a year as well. Halo 3 wasn't different enough to bring me back for very long.

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Does anyone else think it's a bit early for another Halo game?

Be great if it's true, especially if it's something a bit different. I'd love to see the Sergeant's story incorporated somehow, for example. That will never happen, of course.

A prequel would do just fine.

But yeah... it does seem early, no?

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The new Halo game will be a spin-off that resembles “a cross between Ghost Recon and Gears of War.” It will reportedly tell a “less cartoony” and “more bloody, violent, and grim” tale of a battle between UNSC forces and the pan-racial religious empire known as the Covenant. The game’s atmosphere was described as similar to that of the live-action Halo shorts directed by South African filmmaker Neil Blomkamp (pictured), who was to helm the now-stalled big-screen adaptation of the game.


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Lots of mumbling about a squad-based shooter ala Republic Commando, in the works.

My guess would be the first part of a trilogy based around the Breaking Quarantine storyline involving the Sarge.

I'd bash down a pre-order in an instant.

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Blocked for me :lol: Post em here please!

A trusted Wal-Mart source has sent Joystiq an image taken from the company's intranet, "The Wire," showing a listing for Halo "Blue." We've also received an unverified tip detailing Halo "Blue," though it's unclear whether that information stems from the same retail listing. With so little information available about what Blue is, we're guessing the shown Sept. 30 date is placeholder. The Microsoft press conference is in less than 12 hours, so stay tuned


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