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Can you still buy that?


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Loads of things are terribly missed.

Walkers bits a pizza crisps.

Kp Skydivers crisps.

Rowntree Nutty bars.

Banjo biscuits.

Philias fogg bagel bites.

Peparami noodles.

Qauttro soft drink.

Corona lemonade.

Fish balls for tea.

A lot of things taste pretty awful now comparatively to a few years back imo, Pringles (cheezums flavour nom) used to taste of pure filth but now they are pretty much a health food snack.Just one of many many things that seem to have had the life sucked out of them due to some E number banning or preemptive law suit dodge.

I'm depreesed now so I'm going to order some pretzel flips from the other page hoping they are the full fat E ridden msg soaked suckers they were when last on sale .

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How far back are we talking, shiftcrack?

It could be Shweppes Shizan


Which tasted like Ame so would contain all the ingredients you list.

Good work Lord Cookie - this is the stuff! Wish I could get hold of this now, I bet it owuld be great with Vodka :D

Where can you buy Amé?

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I've gone a bit mental at A Quarter Of again.

1 x Tongue Tinglingly Fizzy Worms

1 x Barratts Shrimps

1 x Fizzy Jelly Mix

1 x Lemon Crystals

1 x Haribo Mini Jelly Babies

1 x Flying Saucers

1 x Tangerine Gourmet Jelly Beans

1 x Haribo Giant Sour Suckers

1 x Marshmallow Mix

1 x Friendship Rings

1 x Space Dust - Strawberry

1 x Space Dust - Cherry

1 x Twisty Marshmallows

Will post pics when the sweet, sweet package arrives.

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Probably more than it'd cost to get all that in bulk from Costco.

For the record, shrimp fans need to be heading to Sainsburys as they've those for 50p for 'a quarter of' and they're the exactly same as the Barratts ones. Other classics in that range are:

Fizzy cola bottles

Mini jelly beans

Rhubarb & custard

White mice

and of course, shrimps

50p. Far less than 'a quarter of'. I stock up on those bitches and keep them in a glass container in my kitchen.

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Ahh, I didn't think of that one. I immediately thought of the one that I had, although it didn't make skulls, just worms and bears. It was the yummy gummy sweet maker or something.

I miss my yummy gummy sweet maker. :(

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For the record, shrimp fans need to be heading to Sainsburys as they've those for 50p for 'a quarter of' and they're the exactly same as the Barratts ones.

I have to disagree with this I'm afraid - I used to manage an old fashioned sweet shop and there was no fooling the people that had been eating barrats shrimps all of their lives. The owners tried to cut costs and get a different brand in a few times and people would return them saying that they were not the right ones even though they had no way of knowing as they were decanted into glass jars! This also happened with midget gems, milk bottles, sherbet pips and walkers toffee! It was actually really sad when an old person would come in and order a quarter of one of the above and look so excited, then the look of disappointment that would cross their faces when they realised that they were the wrong ones was heartbreaking. I really insisted that they get the proper branded ones in after that had happened a few times - it was too sad to watch!

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Cannot find a picture of McCains' Ketchips anywhere. I can find a scale model of them made by an advertising company, but not the hate-filled tubes of mash's packet itself.

Amazing reminder of my childhood, but not enough for me. Any suggestions?

I know this is an old post but the reason pictures might be hard to come by is that they were made by Birds Eye, not McCains.


Another one I would like to see back is a Feast Sandwich (I think that was the name). It was a variation on the Feast chocolate ice cream made by Wall's and was icecream sandwhiched between two chocolate cookies.

And to reply to my own post from nearly three years ago, they were called Feastwich and the only photo I can find is this crappy one.


They are the bottom right ice cream.

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