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Best creative magazines

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Work say I can get a subscription to any mag/s I like for Graphic Design, 3D etc. The only one I have any experience of is Computer Arts but I find it a bit hit and miss with it's tutorials, rarely get anything useful. CA Projects is okay when a relevant issue comes out.

So do any of you guys recommend an alternative?

(Think there was a similar thread, can't find it though)

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For tutorials you should really just be looking online, a lot of great free stuff all over the place.

Design only, you should check out Grafik, Creative Review, and Graphic. Graphic isn't too common (Waterstones Oxford Street had it last time I checked) and costs about £15 an issue, but they're usually nice and chunky and feature some great work.

I wouldn't bother with mags like Advanced Photoshop etc. They rarely offer tutorials outside a particular style (whatever is in at the time), and while it can be good to learn from, you can find better tutorials online for free.

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