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Beverly Hills Cop 4 - Murphy to Return - Netflix Secure Rights


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On 30/08/2022 at 07:44, Despin said:

This was my idea for a BEVERLY HILLS COP 4


We open in some dark and grimy derelict factory. Steam gushes from broken pipes. Water dripping from fuck knows where. A major drug deal is going down between two groups of bad guys, when someone there is suspected of being an undercover cop. Weapons are raised and tension grows. One good looking guy with a smart mouth tries to calm them all down when ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. A gunfight ensues and the place is blown to bits.


That's when we reveal this is not a real drug deal but a MOVIE SET.


The good looking guy is TYLER GIBSON. The worlds biggest movie star. He looks up and asks how he did. But he's not asking the director. That's right. He's asking AXEL FOLEY. 35 years since the first movie, he now has the cushiest job in the LAPD. Special Advisor to movie studios. He gets to sit around on movie sets being the wise ass fast talker he always was, but now he's working with the rich and famous rather than violent criminals. An assistant tells him he has a call from JEFFERY (Paul Reiser) still a detective in Detroit. Busy talking to Tyler, Axel says he'll call back later.


Tyler tells Axel he thinks he needs to come on some kind of ride along. See real police work. The movie is not authentic enough. Axel says he'll set something up...


Later Axel meets with BILLY, now the head of the LAPD and asks about any on going cases he could bring Tyler on. Billy shoots him down. It's not safe. Axel explains Tyler is so rich he'll bring his own army of security with him. There'll be no danger. It's then that Billy hits Axel with the truth. It's not safe for Axel either. He's too old and slow. Not fit for this stuff any more... Axel knows it's true. He has become the very “Beverly Hills Cop” he made fun of all those years ago.


The next day, Axel remembers to call back Jeffrey in Detroit but is sucker punched to find out his old friend is dead. He's been murdered... Leaving only a cryptic message for his old friend... Axel has no choice to head back home and find out what happened. 


So that is our set up. We're going to tell another fish out of water story. A BEVERLY HILLS COP in down town Detroit. A world Axel no longer knows, where budget cuts mean cops are working long hours with shitty equipment and gangs rule the streets.


Axel arranges a meeting with current Captain of the Detroit PD and is told that the murder is being investigated and he has his top detective on it. Axel wants to help but is told to leave. Last thing the captain needs is prize pony of the Beverly Hills police department getting hurt here in his precinct. He says thanks but no thanks and to get the fuck out of his town.


Axel is not going to give up that easily, and begins to investigate the murder himself. Along the way he will bump into stressed out detective ELLISA (Rosario Dawson) working the case and hitting brick wall after brick wall. Ellisa grew up and still lives on these streets and knows the city like the back of her hand. Very much the cop Axel was 30 years earlier. She does not need his help and she too tells him to leave.


Axel tries to figure out who killed Jeffrey and why. Why did he call him? Did he need his help? Axel will not only run into old friends and foes on the streets he once lived and worked, he will realise how much worse a things are out here than even he remembers. He will end up working with Ellisa and finding out about the local politician buying up property all over the city and using gang violence to clear the places he can't get his hands on. Ellisa knows he had Jeffrey killed but nobody will speak to the cops...


They don't have the resources or the man power required to take this rich dude down. Soon he will own Detroit and run it like his own private kingdom. Our guys eventually find evidence and want to raid his base of operations... But that's when they hit another brick wall. The crooked Detroit captain wont authorise the raid. No Detroit cop will dare go up against the big bad guy. But that's when Axel reminds them of what he keeps being told.. he ain't a Detroit cop any more.


So Axel and Ellisa go it alone... But without back up, what will they do? Cut to the final raid where Axel and Ellisa find themselves backed up by a badass team of special operators.. Who the hell are these guys? That's when we reveal the good looking move star TYLER GIBSON.


Dressed as a bad ass swat type character and thinking this is a ride alone to help with his character. The badass special operators are his private security. Axel uses them as a Trojan horse, never really here to engage with bad guys but to scare them into thinking it's a raid.


This leaves Axel and Ellisa to take down the big bad while Tyler gets to think he played badass, when in reality he was never in danger.


Case solved and bad guys dead/arrested. Tyler offers to fly Axel back to LA on his private jet to start working on new scenes for the movie. Axel turns him down. He's a Detroit cop. He started that way he will finish that way. He'll stick around help fix the city he abandoned.


Cue freeze frame, title song. The end. So yeah. That’s it I guess. I'd call it: THE BEVERLY HILLS COP



Despin IN!

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On 01/09/2022 at 08:45, Smoothy said:

Re Beverly Hills Cop and Beverly Hills Cop II - the problem with the latter is that it's a sequel, so they take the best bits of the original, amplify it, comedy those amplified parts and call it done.


The second one blatantly has entire pages of the script where it simply says "EDDIE IMPROVISES SOMETHING".  Combine that with Tony Scott trying to make a serious, gritty thriller and it doesn't work.  The guy playing Lutz has absolutely no direction.  The bad guys plan makes no sense.  On the plus side, it looks absolutely amazing in places, the opening jewellery heist and music is brilliant and you remember why Brigitte Nielsen was briefly a thing.  It's fun, but it's glossy, empty stuff.


The first is way darker when it needs to be.  (IIRC, the director was fired from WarGames because he was making that film too dark.)  Murphy has range - the bit above where he's just talking to Victor Maitland and you know under the motormouth that he's way, way smart enough to figure things out and the Foley/Rosewood/Taggart dynamic makes a whole ton more sense.  The detectives are actual detectives and you can see them working it all out with Foley, as opposed to just being cartoons in the second.

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The original is a solid gold feel good classic imo. Just everything about it is perfection, right up to its endless rewatchability.

I find the second, while not as good, still very very watchable. Eddie is still in fine form, it oozes the era, the script rattles along and Scott adds his trademark panache. Plus the Ferrari is gorgeous.

The third is just straight up rubbish. I'd still love a detailed book about its production.

Who knows what will happen with this new one...

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