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Bayonetta - PC version out now!


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Platinum Games, the studio founded by former Capcom developer Clover, has apparently struck a deal with SEGA to publish three games. Those games are:

• Bayonetta, directed by DMC creator Hideki Kamiya, and is described by the site’s correspondent as a “stylish action game” with “a witch battling angels”. Apparently she has guns on her feet.
• A science-fiction RPG for the DS called Infinite Line, where you play as a starship captain, customising your ship and crew.
• A Wii game called MadWorld. ...it’s, “Black and white Sin City graphics, with red blood. Ultra ultra violent. Fatality moves like shoving a post through someone’s head. Chainsaw on your right arm.”

Was a rumour but this trailer for MadWorld here: Here

Edit: Trailer for Bayonette: here

Looks official, is this a seprate company to 'Seeds' then, founded by other members? or Platinum Games what Seed grew into?

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Looks official, is this a seprate company to 'Seeds' then, founded by other members? or Platinum Games what Seed grew into?

IIRC Seeds merged with someone else (I forget the name) and Platinum Games was the result.

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can't wait to see what they do with MadWorld here in Europe. ;)

We only got what happened with No More Heroes because we got a european based on the japanese original, wasn't it? Ironically, that would usually be seen as a good thing. Ah well. Maybe things will fare better with this title...

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Likely to be the best new games published by Sega in ages ;)

The trailers for both look stylish, and going by the pedigree of the people involved shouldn't be crap. No announcement of the game Shinji Mikami is working on yet (unless it's MadWorld).

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I'm actually pretty excited about Infinite Line - there really should be more SF RPG's - I really can't think of that many outside Fallout, although maybe someone will correct me. MadWorld looks bloody funny as well...

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Stormbringer from GAF translated some details from some Japanese site about the games, sounds like Shinji Mikami's game will be the 4th PG release after his rumoured collaboration with Suda 51:

MadWorld (Wii):

- As you can see, the world is entirely black and white, with the exception of the blood

- It's an action game sporting comical ultra-violence.

- The themes are "Cheerful violence" and "Curb Brawler"

- It's a game about a protagonist which carries his past on its shoulders and which is getting on with commiting his ultimate slaughter.

- Director is Shigenori Nishikawa

- The Japanese release is not fixed yet.

Infinite Line (DS):

- Science Fiction RPG

- Customize your space battleship and explore the universe

- More than 150 blueprints of ship parts have been prepared. Build your battleship modules as you wish.

- Choose among 200+ crew members.

- Battle system is ATB (active time battle). The fuller is the gauge, the more actions you can mobilize.

- Supports wireless battles

- Nudemaker's Kouno is the director

- Collaboration between Platinum Games and Nudemaker (creator of the Clock Tower series)

No further details about Bayonetta, supposedly a 2009 release.

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Holy shit, Madworld looks well good! :D

If Bayonetta ends up being DMC meets God Hand, then it's probably time to freeze myself in carbonite.

Yeah, plus a little bit of No More Heroes and I'll be fapping til the end of my days :lol:

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