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He nails that cd32 video. I remember picking one up for bargain basement price when Clydesdale went bankrupt and still being disappointed. Either that games were straight a1200 copies or they were just not as good as megadrive / SNES stuff. 


Any cd32 fans should check out Terriblefire on YouTube. He designs accelerator boards for amigas including the cd32.

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That Amiga video sums up my thoughts perfectly. We look back nostalgically at Stunt Car Racer, North and South, Buggy Boy and Lemmings and it distracts us from the sad fact that the vast majority of games were truly terrible.  Especially any game that tried to do what consoles were doing. Zool, Magic Pockets, Yo Joe etc, all really really terrible yet somehow we were brainwashed into thinking they were good. 


Most games didn't use the bottom third of the screen and somehow no-one complained. 


Compare any screenshot of Xenon 2 to your experience of playing it to see that we were all basically lied to that whole time by the magazines. When you look back you see games like Gods which got great reviews across the board because it had good music despite the game being no fun at all. Just because Speedball 2 was great, we all thought the Amiga had good games but most were awful.  


The Amiga was great for being creative though, Dpaint and Protracker , learning to code etc. That was the real strength



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