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You gamers should be ashamed of yourselves.


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More GTA-is-bad stories -

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edit: Quoting the broken links actually fixed them. LOL.

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It's because you've already no doubt played through the first 3 grand theft-rape-murder "games". You probably thought doing this was a good way to practice your "skills" or something for this new "game" you sick fucks. :D

first 6... and I'm fine.

Ish. :(

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Well, I must have 'accidentally' got on to www.littlelaceysuprisepageant.com before the LCPD had a chance to shut it down, because what I saw was very graphic, sick and extremely distressing.

Rockstar should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this sort of depraved filth to appear in the world's biggest ever number one selling game of all time since records began.

And Mr Jason Middleschoolmaster should be lauded as a public hero for pointing this out.


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