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Games released this week


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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

UEFA Euro 2008

Xbox 360

UEFA Euro 2008

Playstation 3

Time Crisis 4

UEFA Euro 2008

Nintendo Wii

Emergency Mayhem

Kawasaki Jet Ski

Namco Museum Remix

Nintendo DS

8 Ball Allstars

Allied Ace Pilots

Betty Boop's Double Shift

Mystery Detective II

The Sun Crossword Challenge

The World Ends With You


UEFA Euro 2008

Playstation 2

UEFA Euro 2008

Hard to pin down accurate release dates for this week. MCV were listing a load of games that aren't due for release for ages, and there are conflicting dates on other sites too. If I've missed anything, let me know! :lol:

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The wii really is full of shit, with the odd diamond scattered in there, isn't it?

Same things was said about the PS2. Yep, there's tons of shovelware, but there is a ton of good stuff out there as well. Thats the curse of being the console with the highest installed userbase.

Looking at this week, it's hardly stellar for any console.

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Exactly. And though I enjoy my wii, I also have (shock horror) a 360! Because guess what? They straddle different genres and markets so I can play different styles of games on each one.

I must be subnormal.

Anyway, didn't want to derail the thread. Looking forward to seeing impressions of The World Ends With You. And will UEFA actually sell anything in the UK with none of our teams involved?

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Supernormal, more like!

I'm glad that I'm finally getting some use out of my Wii this last week though, No More Heroes is ace, going to try Mario Kart tonight! The poor little machine doesn't know what's going on!!

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Impressions on The World Ends with You here (Under the Japanese name):


It's pretty good in that forum favourite quirky kind of way. If you have to buy a game this week, and most of you surely do, then given the choice I'd plump for it. (The same would apply if it was actually a good week for releases).

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Looks like a remedial Crazy Taxi clone:


I'm starting to hate my Wii.

It looked fantastic on Gamer.tv.

And is Mystery Detective II the same game as Touch Detective 2 1/2?

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