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Age of Conan

Sergeant Squid

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Anywhere u can download the trial client etc? Im currenlty sitting on a 100Mb net link so I should be fine to download this :D

Yeah, despite the size of your link, the 25Gig funcom folder in my h.d would put most people off if the client was anywhere close to that. There is a buddy key thing in progress, i guess you'll have to wait.

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What. The. Fuck?

Most ridiculous shit I've seen in a while. So happy I cancelled my sub and unistalled it today. I dont care what the fanboys proclaim, its unpolished, unfinished (by a long way, even by MMO standards), not as "fresh" as people make it out and its... well.. a bit of a turd really. Maybe thats unfair as you cant polish a turd and yet this game could have some, just some, promise a good few months down the line if they sort it out.

Although perhaps theres no hope if that ^^ is anything to go by.

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I'm not going to lie and say the game is perfect as it is clearly not. It's unfinished, buggy and could have done with a few more months in development. However, WoW was a steaming pile of turd when it first came out (don't forget the US got it 3-4 months before us and it was largely 'fixed' by the time we got it), so people comparing a freshly released MMO to one that is now 3 years old and 'polished' (though not without it's own problems) is a little unfair.

However, since Funcom sold Age of Conan on the 'Massive PVP battles' and are now clamping down tighter than a ducks arse on people who partake in such activity SIMPLY BECAUSE FUNCOM ONLY WANT YOU TO PVP IN SPECIFIED AREAS WHICH THEY HAVEN'T YET RELEASED INTO THE GAME is ri-goddamn-diculous. Totally fucking bonkers.

Also, the apparent lack of ANY end game content, class issues, itemisation, bugs, crashes, memory leaks (which still haven't been acknowledged) mean the game smacks of a rushed release.

Shame, really. I enjoy the game and it does have great potential but it really could have done with some extra time being polished and worked on.

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I don't get the big fucking deal, it's an MMO. There's always tons of buggy baggage that comes with an MMO launch, not a single one was remotely stable or close to 'finished' on release, be it EQ2, WoW, Eve, Vanguard, anything. It's just the unfortunate nature of the genre, there's so much more content to account for that far more can go wrong compared with other kinds of games and singling out this one for stick in particular is somewhat unfair. Really, the moral is never play an MMO until at least 3 months after release.

All that said, the whole 'PvP too much on this PvP server and there will be...trouble' horseshit is beyond ridiculous and could cost them dear.

Of course, PSO was heartstoppingly perfect from day one so fuck alla the rest of these games, man!!!11

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Well I think most people's gripes with it are the fact it was sold as a totally different beast.

The combat system, whilst great, is a fucking shadow of how it was supposed to have been. It was dumbed down beyond belief. It was totally, TOTALLY innovative in its original conception.

The massive world PVP isn't even implemented. No siege battles, no sieges, no areas to put sieges and have siege battles in.

Direct X 10. Personally, my card doesn't support it so it's not *that* big a deal for me, but considering it was one of their flagship things and isn't even in the game?

There is NO end game content. There are a couple of raids but they offer nothing. No loot, no quests, nothing.

From 35-40 and 55+ there are very few quests aside from 'go kill 25 of x' and then 'done that? ok, great. Go kill 25 more' over and over again. They are addressing this.

In all, I don't think Funcom were prepared for how quickly folk were going to level. I mean there was level 80s running around days before the game was even out officially thanks to early access and were hoping they could implement it over time.

But I gotta say, a GM appearing and telling people not to pvp in groups of more than 5 (when the standard group size in Conan is 6, no less) because people are moaning is just...just wrong. It's just fucking wrong. How can you roll on a PVP server and then moan that someone is killing you? Seriously?

Also, PSO sucks ;)

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You can make the argument that it's not polished and will take some time to be great...I'm very much of the opinion that TBC was a much better game and fixed so much that was broken or just plain un-fun in the older versions of wow.

But providing no endgame content at all is really surprising. Surely WoW had at least Strat or Scholo or something at first? How long after release did MC come out?

To get to level <cap> and then just have to quit or roll and alt is pretty laughably bad, I don't think the whole "it's not polished yet" excuse washes at all if that's really the case.

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I seem to remember MC came out really quite quickly, certainly though you already had Scholo, Strat, DM, LBRS and UBRS in place as the majority reached the 60's. I guess those on the 'bleeding edge' may have had a short wait but I'm sure MC was in place when I reached the level cap. *

Also though all MMORPG's will be essentially buggy when they are released I suppose and in WoWs case it has taken 3 years to implement some of the content that was promised (And we won't see seige engines until the WoTLK) AoC does seem to have watered down a lot of what might have made it stand out. In some ways it's shame, WoWs near monopoly atm isn't good for the genre really. They need some real competition in my opinion.

*Edit: Actually trying to think about it I'm not so sure now, lol

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WoWs near monopoly atm isn't good for the genre really. They need some real competition in my opinion.

I don't know - my guild is finding it hard enough as is to keep our raids going. If AoC was amazing and more people went to play that instead we'd be in trouble so I'm kind of glad there isn't a lot of competition.

On a mostly unrelated note I counted around 20 Horde guilds on the 1st page of the Draenor forum alone, all recruiting for raiding and mostly just interested in healers. Yet there are still guilds transferring here en mass because they think it will be easier to recruit. Having been in an almost permanent state of healer recruitment since Burning Crusade was released I find it a little vexing.

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