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Ste Pickford


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I made a pretend horror magazine the other day.



It was surprisingly good fun printing out sheets and stapling them together and sending them out. I should have spent my teenage years doing this really, instead of waiting until i'm all old and worn out.

Also, I wasn't sure where to put this, so I put it here, if that's alright, as its where i usually post things, and everywhere else scares me a bit, due to everyone being better than me. Then again, everyone in here is, as well

Also, there's a comic in there somewhere so it fits the criteria, almost

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It took me a while to get going but I've just finished a silly little comic project with some mates from work.

40 full colour pages of vaguely video game related nonsense. It's neither high art or great literature but I enjoyed doing it. I'll be hawking physical copies at the British International Comics show in Birmingham this weekend but in the great spirit of the new internet business model of free you can look at it online for nowt at - http://issuu.com/smartbomb/docs/smartbomb01


Be kind :wub:

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now ste's not here this thread feels all sad and lonely, really

not that that's ever stopped me, i suppose

the man whose shoes kept dripping blood: http://www.stickmans.net/stickmans/infinitevoid001.php (nice and concise and all on one page)

the pointless fantastical journey: http://www.stickmans.net/stickmans/pointle...tastical001.php (this one's spread out over 8 pages i'm afraid)

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Thread necromancy!

So, a couple of pals and I are working on a silly, for fun webcomic, naughtily stealing the old UFO:Enemy Unknown grapihcs. I can't draw, be it with a pen, or with a PC, so putting this together took the best part of a week. Just wondering if anyone here would be intrigued enough to click the "Next Comic" button, once we've launched a website for this.

We've got about 12 strips planned, of varying sizes, and, despite the X-Com link, we're hoping to avoid too much X-Com specific "humour".

I wouldn't say this strip was meant to be particularly funny...just more of a scene-setter, with, hopefully some decent gag strips to follow.

Now, I know I'm on dodgy ground for using someone else's art assets here (although anything not X-Com, or hand drawn is public domain, however), but where do I stand on displaying these on a site with Google AdSense adverts on it?

Also, I take it I also can't stamp these strips with ANY kind of claim to ownership, can I?

I might try to find out who owns the UFO art assets (Take2?), and ask for permission to proceed...although I do actually doubt they'll be bothered by what we're doing as long as we're not selling comic albums and merchandise...which I have zero plans to do, because hey, that'd be completely illegal!

Nah, this is just a case of silly idea in head that won't go away, so has to be expressed visually so it'll stop nagging at me!

I'd appreciate constructive criticism, if indeed, there's much to say from what little you may be able to glean from this single strip.


Oh yes, I'd better upload the image before I post...

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Cheers guys (no sarcasm intended!). If a vaguely games related comic posted on a games forum can garner no criticism, then I'll take that as a polite indication that nobody has a gaping whole in their life that can only be filled by an X-Com web comic.

Right, onto the next madcap project: Stilts for mice.

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