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Ste Pickford


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Here's a little group shot of my characters at the moment :)


So far the characters are:

Steve - Has to try and keep some peace between everyone

Panny - my little panda :(

Bunz - the youngest of the group

Phillip - A bad tempered bear

Daisy - Steves loyal kitty

Lex - a mischievous devil who loves causing trouble along with Phillip

Sar - the fun angel who usually hangs around with steve and has to sort out lex from time to time

And there is a Giraffe who needs a name, so if anyone has any suggestions let me know :)

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That's effing marvellous, ste. You say you inked it with a brush. I presume this was just the black lines, and the colour was added in Photoshop? I can just about colour a comic strip with a brush and water colours, but I'm a total beginner with Photoshop, which annoys me. Grr.

Yeah, inked on paper, lettered and coloured in photoshop.

I drew this larger than usual, on two sheets of A3 (so A2 original size, I guess, but it isn't on one sheet), as I tend towards drawing small, fiddly panels, and wanted to force myself to draw a bit bigger. Plus I'm not very accurate with a brush, so I figured a large size would be more forgiving.

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Erm, bloomin' ages. I'm spectacularly slow at this kind of stuff though. I suppose there's no need to rush when you're doing it for your own enjoyment.

Including all the clean-up from scanning, I probably spent at least a couple of hours on each of the four rows, but I was kind of getting a feel for what I was doing, changing the font size and speech bubble outline thickness and things like that. Plus I'm not that comfortable with colour so I spent a lot of time messing around with that. It always takes longer than I expect it to.

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Some very lovely work in here. Sadly, I'm not all that artistically or creatively gifted, though I do enjoy trying. Despite humans being my weakness, I spent over three years doing a weekly Star Trek spoof web comic. I've stopped now, as it took so much of my time to get new episodes up every week, and I think the comic suffered for it too. It's cheesy as hell and not particualrly original.

Full list of episodes.

One of my favourites. :)

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