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Dead Island


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It's not the brightness, it's the extremely narrow FOV. If you have a PC that can run it, I would recommend buying it for that (29 quid on Green Man Gaming atm) as you can adjust the FOV on that. If that isn't an option, you're fucked unless they ever bother patching the FOV.

It's got that weird effect where looking up and down shifts the perspective really drastically. Like you're viewing everything through a fisheye lens. Coupled with the insane motion blur it's even thrown me off a couple of times. Really disorienting and I never have a problem with that.

I'm enjoying taking my time in it, mind. It's not a bad game. There are some weird, er, characteristics to it, like always being referred to as a guy even when you're playing as a woman, and practically everyone saying bloody all the time, but it's good fun.

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I'm definitely in the minority on this then. It's just so...average. Oh well.

I concur. It's not really a very good game this. I'm 3 1/2 hours in and although it's kind of compelling, it simply feels a bit too repetitive and janky. Play it from start to finish with mates and I'm sure it's a blast but as a single player experience or with randoms on XBL it's not great to say the least. Certainly there's a variety of influences from Condemned to L4D to Far Cry 2 to Fallout 3, but it's nowhere near the same quality level as any of those. Feels a bit like an oddball game that pops up in a sale on Steam for £5.99.

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I concur. It's not really a very good game this. I'm 3 1/2 hours in and although it's kind of compelling, it simply feels a bit too repetitive and janky. Play it from start to finish with mates and I'm sure it's a blast

You can say that about nearly any game, though. Every single game is better in co-op with mates. For starters, you can collectively take the piss out of a game's flaws, which instantly make them less annoying and more endearing, while working on anything as a team is more enjoyable simply because you're chatting with your friends all the while.

I saw a tweet from Jim Sterling after reading the Edge review, where he said he personally didn't mind the flaws quite as much but he could see why someone might dislike the game enough to give it a 3. I'll present that without comment.

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They've can't be arsed a fair bit....to be fair. That rally game they did was about the only thing i ever liked and that was because your car caught fire and the tracks were interesting.

this isn't...i dunno. The suitcase thing pissed me right off, but i do kinda like it.

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Dead Island one of the best games of this generation? Wow.

Only for me.

I'm not suggesting this be the case for anyone else at all and I'm certainly not going to have a go at anyone for disliking it. I've just tried to put in (probably too many) words why but yeah that's how I feel. I honestly don't expect anyone to agree with me and that's cool, I tend to take to games most people don't so I'm a bit different. I also have a big thing for physicality and melee from the first person perspective so I'll no doubt get more enjoyment from it than most people and be willing to put up with its flaws more. Considering this is the first game since Condemned 2 to have a go at it this is like a fucking goldmine to me. I mean, I know they said it was open world but this is Techland, I was expecting maybe a 12 hour action game a few small areas big but to have a deep RPG system where you spend 20 - 30 hours if not more for one character amongst various expansive locations ? Very surprising. To be honest I was a bit hesitant to write a post that gushing until completely finishing it and was thinking about giving myself more time to complete it and think about. But considering I'm enjoying myself more the more I play it I'm pretty certain.

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The second Call of Juarez was very good, it's not as if they've never made a good game before.

I want an open world Call Of Juarez game. Make it so Techland. It's also what I meant by 'when they try', as Bound In Blood is one of my favourite western games, the multiplayer was superb too. They're incredibly inconsistent but they do have the abiility to make great games.

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Copied this from NeoGAF as it may be of interest to the PC players here:


Sharing some awesome fixes with the rest of GAF from a friend via Something Awful. I've scanned them and they're clean, feel free to do the same if you're hesitant obviously. They're just xml and script file changes.

The Deep Silver devs have also posted and said that using these fixes will NOT ban you via VAC.


Unzip that file to your User\My Documents\Deadisland\out folder

Included fixes.


* 16:10 FOV fix (Change 74 to 82.5 if you're 16:9 in default_levels.xml in the skills folder)

* Disabled Motion blur

* Disabled Bloom

* Disabled weapon swinging blur

* Fixed mouse sensitivity & in zoomed mode (set the mouse sensitivity to default)

* Improved player movement

* Health Hud does not disappear

* fixed auto-equiping alcohol and medkits

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Well after 20 hours or so (and still nowhere near finished) this is my second favourite game of the year so far after Yakuza 4 and I love it so much it may well just may fair well be in the one of my favourite games ever list. I absolutely love it. I can completely understand why people would dislike it and I'm certainly not going to pretend it's a perfect game. But I love everything it does and it does a lot of it really well. The melee systems works really really well, especially in analog mode. I have no trouble aiming for a zombies body and then whacking them in a particular body part, on the controller this does require a bit of auto aim and get the right body part and sometimes it's not perfect but most of the time it works well. I'd go so far as to say it's got the best melee combat system of a first person game though Condemned 2 gets more right in terms of weight/hits (and using your fists). Nothing is as satisfying though though as having a zombie run straight at you, you ready your sledgehamer/machete and just as they approach you, you get the timing right and BOOM, head comes right off.

Initially it starts a bit janky, you don't know what the fuck you are doing, you're swinging the weapons like a numpty not knowing the timing, how the enemies react etc but you really start to get to know them well. Soon enough you'll see a Thug zombie approach, you aim for one of its arms and break it. He's standing there swinging his other arm trying to get you, you approach and swing at the other arm and jump back with the jump hop you can do so as he can't hit you. You go in for it again and at the right moment, BREAK! appears on the screen. The bastards now fucked, he just tries to headbutt you. You jump in and use a machete to wittle down his energy. His health is near enough gone, he comes at you and SLASH, his head comes off, the blood's pouring out of his neck and you think 'Fucker bring it' Every fight is like a little battle where you're desperately trying to survive. It's personally why I like it a lot more than Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead. Both amazing games and I won't say anything bad about them but this feels more involved. Like you are really causing bodily mayhem, it just feels so goddamn satisfying. The zombies feel like real deadly physical entities which can really fuck you up.

It also gets a lot more survival orientated later on. The horror comes from numbers later where you really have to peg it as some of them get too fast to handle too many at one time. When you get too many zombies it's usually best to just run. Even though I'm levelled up a good bit so far when there's a number of a certain type of enemy I know to just fucking run. You can take on some types of zombies but you really can't take them all on.

It's also a game where the RPG elements really make a difference. So for example you unlock certain moves later on which will help you kill zombies quicker, you unlock more inventory space, you unlock more chance of a critical on an enemy and you unlock things like better weapon durability and weapons use less stamina. Along with the mods that you can make and things that you can craft there's a lot of choice there. The game's like Demon Souls in a way, everything you do revolves around the stamina bar. It's almost like a battle system in itself leading the game to be very strategic at times. For example, there's a load of zombies ahead. Do you just run right through them and and pray they don't get you when your stamina bar runs out. Fight a few of them off if you can, try and give yourself a breather so as the stamina bar can go up a bit and then run and in the process ruining your weapon so as you have to pay a good bit to fix it ? Do you move a canister near a bunch of zombies and then throw a weapon at it to make it explode ? (not realistic, incredibly gamey) There's definitely more options at your disposal than you intially realise.

I've also been incredibly surprised at how big and diverse the game has been in terms of locations and areas to go to. Each main area has been fucking huge and there's also been some separate locations with these that you have to load as well. I wish it was a seamless open world but I can understand why not. I'm still only around %65 complete after 20 hours or so. I'm not saying a game being long actually makes it better, just that it's surprised me no end :) I've also been particularly surprised by

having to fight actual humans and getting pistols, machine guns too. Fighting looters in the middle of a zombie apocalypse is actually quite fitting. Human beings are generally cunts the best of times! :D

Fuck I realise I've more or less written an essay so apologies for that. This is by no means a perfect game and there's many things that can be improved on. The melee system can be improved even further, the quests could be a bit more involved (though they're still fun) and it could be a lot less buggy. But you know, it's surprised me that a game like this has been made with so much love, so much ambition and that yet again an Eastern European developer is taking a chance on a style of first person game which apart from having zombies in it is actually quite a hardcore RPG. This game is obviously Techlands baby and something they felt very strongly about and shows that when Techland actually try they can make great games. When they can't be arsed you get Call Of Juarez The Cartel.

The last few weeks have really surprised me. You lot know that generally I enjoy a lot of games, hell I've probably enjoyed a lot of shite people here hate. But I never thought in the last 3 weeks I'd get what I consider some of the best games this generation a few weeks in a row with Deus Ex Human Revolution, Driver San Francisco and Dead Island. Yeah I was looking forward to all of these of course but at no point did I think 'that's going to be one of my favourite driving games ever' or 'one of my favourite first person melee games ever'

Anyway TLDR - Dead Island isn't without its flaw and it's not for everyone but I fucking love it. Also, when you see too many zombies climb up a ladder.

Nice post, I admire your enthusiasm for the game. I think I probably could have overlooked flaws with the game if there was more variety in the missions. The island also doesn't seem to be as free roaming as I had been lead to believe. I'll play a few hours more as like I said before, it's an oddly compelling experience.

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Nice post Mr. Woo! Love the genuine enthusiasm. While I don't feel as strongly about the game as you do, it's definitely the biggest surprise of the year for me so far. Portal 2, The Witcher and Deus Ex: HR were brilliant (especially Deus Ex HR :wub: ) but I sorta already expected them to be beforehand. I never expected Dead Island to be as much fun and as compelling as it turned out to be. Like you, I was pleasantly surprised to find a deep action-RPG instead of a 12-hour linear action game and so far I've enjoyed it as a tense and atmospheric Romero survival-RPG on my own and as a horror version of Borderlands with awesome melee in co-op. I only paid 24 quid for it but it was worth every penny as I'm having a blast and it's definitely my surprise hit of the year.

Edit: I'd also like to add that I fucking love Bound in Blood.

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I'm just arrived at the lifeguard station and so far I'm loving it. It's really tense wandering around. Great atmosphere. I'm still getting comfortable with the analog combat but at this point I don't think I'd want to switch to digital.

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A couple of very Lost-ian momements creeping in now. :)

I love Mr Woo's enthusiasm for this game. It's just totally compelling - that rhythmic cycle of exploration, picking up quests, getting the rewards, choosing new skills. It's not the deepest game in the world but, hell, it hasn't yet got boring - coming towards the end of the first map I would think. I like the way you don't feel the need to horde resouces such as Molotovs since it's so easy to make new ones.

The biggest criticism I have so far is the buying / selling mechanic seems broken - the selection just randomly moves up or down after each transation which makes selling multiple items more tedious than otherwise would be the case (maybe the point Edge were really trying to make in their review).

Also there are minor niggles - no need to show where blocks have to be placed thank you very much - and that sandcastle on the beach should be destructible 8)

I also wonder if choosing bladed weapons limits the mods available - most so far seem to relate to blunt instuments.

Loving the katana though - enough reach to dance around slashing the shit out of hulks for example.

Still chronically short of cash, even after massive baggage rummaging, but diamonds as a reward are tasty I suppose.

And I met (joke / easter egg spoiler0

Hannibal Lester

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another +1 for the bound in blood love :D

And id more or less agree with mr woo's epic post up there too.

The more i play this the more im convinced its my dream zombie game. So much stuff happening in it that id always wanted to see in a zombie game. from the day i first played zombies ate my neighbours on the snes id hoped for a zombie game like this. A few hours in now and i just love walking around the island, taking it all in, doing missions, and bashing zombies. It really feels like youre right there in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak. Love it :)

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