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If You Were Forced To Eat One Thing For A Month


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Anyhow, clearly the answer must be bananas. I've considered just eating bananas many times. I assume it works for monkeys, and they're pretty similar to us. And if you wanted a bit of variety you could eat one with the skin on.

I once heard Peter Andre had to cancel a gig because he had a potassium overdose from eating too many bananas. Not sure if that's true though.

If I had to stick to one thing for an entire month I reckon it'd have to be bubble'n'squeak. Gorgeous stuff.

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No you can't, don't be ridiculous. You think that just because you started the thread and came up with the original question that you can set the rules? For shame.

Consider the Hawaiian pizza. It's disgusting, but all the same it's got ham and pineapple and cheese and God knows what else on it. Now in your first post you're saying that we can't choose 'fruit' and have to choose something specific like apples. But this horrible Hawaiian pizza not only contains several types of food but also mixes meat and fruit. It's madness! If we're allowed to have pizzas then we ought to be allowed to have tins of mixed fruit, but that's just a gateway to even more ludicrous choices like a a bowl of soup with a Fruit Corner floating in it or a chicken stuffed with Rolos. Ultimately you come to those compressed three course meals in a tablet that they raise astronauts on and then your question has lost all meaning.

Is that what you want to happen?

The rules have necessarily "evolved" somewhat since the first post. A tin of mixed fruit would be ok actually, because it is the same fruit dish each time. In fact a reasonable plateful of mixed fresh fruit would be acceptable as long as it was never-changing and within reason in its content.

As said previously, any attempt to unfairly maximise the potential of the (current) rules (e.g Soup and Fruit Corner) will see the offender banished to the "Davros and rice" camp. ^_^

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I guess I'd choose one of those super-foods like millet or some crap like that, just so I didn't get totally malnourished. Either that or Pez

Pfft, the only thing you've been eating for the past month is the lead from my M4. :)

If only. :(

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