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If You Were Forced To Eat One Thing For A Month


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I've thought of millions of things this afternoon, things I love, but the winner for that length of time would have to be kellogs cornflakes with ice cold milk (down the side - never all over them) and a drizzle of double cream.

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No 'combinations' of food you fucking idiots. JAYSUS.

Just one single thing, you plank.. like, a pizza.. but only one kind of pizza, not pizzas in general.

If a pizza is allowed, then so is a sandwich, or a prepared meat with the same sauce every time.

Also, you can't eat jesus.

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Probably paella as it contains everything you'd need to stay healthy for that period of time, contains everything the human body shouldn't be without. Rice for the carbo's, veggies for your vitamins and meat for protein.

Can't go wrong with it.

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Potatoes surely. If you have to be dead specific then baked potato. I reckon you could probably live off that for a month, its not too sickly or weird, and nutritionally pretty good.

I think I left the potato thing a little too vague. :(

Any full potato dish is fine, of course. Add all the cream, butter, mustard and whatever you like... but that's your dish for the month. It wouldn't be fair to allow other combinations of potato dish, but you can have potatoes cooked and processed in a variety of ways if only using salt, pepper and maybe a herb/spice. No oil.

Oh, and I'm going to have to ask you to be more specific on the "salad", AaFAngel. Any one combination is fine of course... unless I feel you're trying to maximise the potential of the existing rules unfairly of course. That will see you restricted to plain boiled rice with Davros for a month.


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Not an easy one to answer, this.

I'd get bored of any meat dish, rich dish or dairy product within a few days, so I'd probably choose something bland yet edible like bran flakes, beans, bread, rice, pasta or potatoes.

Then I'd need to consider the month-long effect on the body eg constipation, to a lesser extent vitamin & mineral intake (not that important for just a month). A cereal + milk would also become very boring within a very short time if that's all you could eat.

I think I'd choose the humble spud, since the rules appear to suggest you can do a few things with it but not using oil. Fibre would be provided by the jackets, and the potato is very versatile.

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