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If You Were Forced To Eat One Thing For A Month


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Look, make your own scenario ^_^ but I just want to know the answer to the question.

Not as easy as it sounds. (though admittedly, every bit as dull as it sounds)

You can't have "Vegetables" or "Fruit" or any other group or combination of foods... only one standalone item of food. So apples or carrots would be fine.

I'm still thinking of mine... :)

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I can get sick of salmon if I have it more than twice in a week. It can get a bit sickly after a while, don't you think? I guess it's the oils.

I'd go with rice.

Nope, I wouldn't find it sickly at all but then again I have happily had salmon poached rice for lunch for almost a month before.

If not salmon then it would definitely be steak.

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Is the chosen food allowed to be cooked in a variety of ways? If so, the humble spud for me! Baked and roasted and mashed and chipped and boiled = yum!

Hmmm, jury's out on that one.

Go on then, but no chips (unless that's the only form of spud) and no cream, butter etc. :)

Pizza. There were times in my student days when I've been close.

Only one exact pizza though. Same one every time.

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It's quite hard as you're tempted to go for your favourite thing but then you know you'd despise it for evermore after 3 days....... *thinks*

Exactly. I think I'll go with multigrain cornflakes, with milk as that's how they are normally eaten so that's allowed, and even a tiny sprinkling of sugar. They are fortified with iron and vitamins etc.

Rice seems a good choice, but I'd get VERY quickly sick of it I think.

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In that case, I think I could happily eat toast for a month. Wholemeal toast, with the nibbly seeds on it for extra vitamins. It could have butter on it, because no-one eats dry toast, and I reckon that would be ok. Probably a nutritional catastrophe. In fact, I reckon that when I'm on a writing binge toast probably comprises three-quarters of my diet.

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hang on, what I thought he meant like you can only eat one ingredient for a month.

In that case, I want some damned carbonara

I think simple meals are acceptable, but you can't take the ingredients of that (one course) meal and make something different with them, i.e no taking the mince and potatoes used for making the cottage pie and making baked potato and chilli with them.

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