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El Orfanato (The Orphanage)


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Watched this last night (after a weekend bender of watching Sixth Sense, The Others, and completely skipping Paranormal Activity) and it was excellent indeed. I'm an utter wuss so I shat mesen regularly, but it was a story well told, nasty twist and generally a great film. Dunno if I'd watch it again.

And for the record I took it as supernatural, but it's cool that it can be viewed in a couple of ways.

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I did a wee cry at the end, must admit... being a parent must've done that to me

Nope. Just finished watching it (for the second time) and was choking back the tears. Got me even worse than the first time.

When Simón says 'I'm not going to grow up' I had to try very hard not to react, so as not to ruin the film.

My Dad was watching it too, dunno what he must've thought. I could barely speak once the film ended.

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