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They've been mentioned in the cheap Wii games thread, but heck they deserve their own thread.

First of all, the genuinely unmissable and completely hilarious Animal Soccer World, which got more laughs from me than an episode of I'm Alan Partridge. It's basically a PS2 "game", which is actually a half hour animation. Part 1 and 2 on youtube are great but a little slow, at least in comparision to Part 3, which is 10 minutes of utter brilliance and no one on this forum is allowed to not watch it.

Dalmations 3 has all the same characters, isn't as good, but contains greatness in bits still.

"One of these days I'll beat him up so bad that he doesn't know who he is."

"Oh yeah! I'll help you!"

The games are great, too.

Skateboard Madness 'Xtreme Edition'

London Cab Challenge

Extreme Sprint 3010

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I love that line: "The baddest decision in soccer aaaall tiiiiime!"

Animal Soccer World is the greatest thing ever. 20 years from now we will consider it a groundbreaking classic.

Oh my, Peter Pan is pretty good: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=JsV5ymHCNww&...feature=related Highlights: The sinister dancing of the horribly drawn nightmarish rip offs of the Disney versions of the characters! And the amazing see through rocking horse. Nowhere near as hilarious as Animal Soccer, though.

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if the nintendo seal of quality , or "nintendo seal" as it's now known, needed any more proof of it being utterly meaningless, this is it..

fuck-ing hell - its the video game equivalent of a chinese knock off toy from a pound shop

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Everybody is busy with the preparations for the event of the year, the largest soccer game of all time! The favoured team of the "Wild Dogs " assumed the challenge of equally favoured "Lionkings".

The coach of the "Wild Dogs " spends sleepless nights. Does Bulli his left defender never learns not to beat up his opponent- or Butcher, the-Keeper, never loose his fear of a penalty kick? Also in the opposing team there are problems. The best forward of the "Lionkings", the small lion, never wants to pass the ball. And to make things even worse, a swarm of Hooligeese is reported to be on the way....

Finally the time has come. The match is about to begin.

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All of those cartoons are actually made by a company called Dingo Pictures. Phoenix just licensed them from them.

my god, is there no start to their talent?? i've seen 12 year olds draw better.

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All of those cartoons are actually made by a company called Dingo Pictures. Phoenix just licensed them from them.

Think you can get them on DVD too.

Check out these sinister toys:


Bloody hell, the description from that site doesn't sound half suss.

In the children's room the toys are sitting depressed in the corner. The boy has got a new toy for birthday. And now he disregards his old toys completely.

Pino, the old favourite doll, is despaired, because instead of him the "new one " may join the little boy in bed.

Wrong in so many ways.

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