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Muk - The Rogues Gallery

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I was thinking about this the other day and it just seems really odd that some of you I speak to in Muk on a pretty much daily basis

I know JLR did a Muk getting to know each other thread about 6 months ago and we've had loads of people come and go since then so in the spirit that is Muk i think it'd be nice to actually see who these odd voices on the other end of Vent really are...

So in the spirit that is Muk complete with the best banter and general lolz i'll even go first...

Celestiane :





Right Deefy, Ceol, Karde - I started it off now its your turns!!

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I'll repost em here, just for you :)


Me buying clothes


Me (being bored) at some videogame award show


Me in Utrecht for a meeting, photo taken and a bit altered by a mate


Me at I believe an ECTS (or whatever it is called now). Mate worked at EA and demanded I had my pic taken.

That is all. All are from a few years ago but you get the idea.

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Hello all!

Here's a picture of Ceol (I took her out of her Robin Hood costume for this, as she doesn't look wonderful with it), which I'll update later to get a picture of both Ceol and Azi-baz together.


And please find a picture of me (Ceol), in real life attached.


(I was going to just cut my head off for this, but the picture isn't of a wonderful calibur, and it just looked odd like that. So, what the heck, may as well post the whole picture. Though, as a warning, this picture's back from before Christmas now! Plus, it's a terrible photo.)

I'll add a blurry shot of me and Azi later, once I gain his permission on the matter. ^o^

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I'm being bugged in game!! Anything for a quiet life so here you are. The mighty level 35 orc vs. the 29 year old piss head!


Yes kids, remember it IS cool to wear sunglasses indoors at night, no matter what anybody tells you! :)


My ex (as of a month ago) and I


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Ceol is a skinny little weakling as always. :>

On a side note, I like how only the girls (Deef is a girl, really) have posted so far.

I guess that sums up the lot of us, now, boys, go on, post yourselves!

(Karde is too quick for me. :) )

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One of me which I happen to have on my works computer. I'll upload more when I get home if I can be bothered :)


Thats me, ROCKING!

That's you?! Jeez, you look nothing like your flouncey brothers.

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