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Being Human

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Are you kidding?

The origami wolf?

'Putting them all together'

Surely that means:

They're trapped in another illusion.. forever.. and Hatch won...

Absolutely! Not to mention the fact that

it was all a bit too easy (why would the devil seek them out if they could so easily kill him?), and that they didn't die after completing the ritual which was what was supposed to happen.

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Even though there was obviously a fair bit of drama going on, I liked how they still managed to get a few funny lines in there.

Loved Tom's line about Eggheads, and the bit right at the end with Hal being disqualified from betting in Antiques Roadshow if he'd already owned the item

Better to go out before the show dipped in quality, but I'll definitely miss it.

Looking at that trailer for the new 'zombie' show to take its place next week, I guess budget wasn't the reason for this finishing, since they seem to be able to fund another supernatural-style programme.

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I thought it was a good way to finish the show, but a happy ending? Anything but. I agree with the spoilers. I liked the end touch showing Mitchell's gloves, George's Star of David and Ninas baby scan on the shelf. But did I miss it, or was there nothing of Annie's there?

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