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Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

Rex Grossman

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Just hope Japan’s momentum isn’t allowed to fizzle out. They’ve been a breath of fresh air, be great if a way can be found to incorporate them into tier one rugby more often than every four years at the World Cup.

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Wales don't stand a chance unless they get their act together, the world cup has come 12 months too late for them. England won't be embarrassed, but will make 2 mistakes early on and never quite chase the win down.


NZ will batter SA in the final, like they did in their first game. 


No one has looked as sharp or clinical as NZ. Shame really, I hate the Haka and how long it goes on for now, I've seen shorter west end plays. :unsure:





A proper Haka 40 years ago today

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Before the tournament, my girlfriend and I did a sweepstake for fun, where we each take half the teams and the loser buys dinner. So I took 18 teams in their seeding groups (Ireland omitted because we're Irish, England omitted because we're Irish) and performed a random draw.


She got New Zealand, South Africa, Wales. I got Australia and Scotland. It was not a good draw.


But at least I didn't shit on my slim chances by elbowing her in the face, like Vahaamahina.

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can't believe how little NZ have been allowed to do offensively and how much has been played in their half - can't help but think though the second half won't be the same and at the moment England not got enough points on the board for such dominance.

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8 minutes ago, Stigweard said:

What a fucking win for England, they were absolutely immense, New Zealand could not break their defence at all and the try was completely gifted. TMO really spared NZ's blushes too.

the TMO on the inside of the maul was...

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