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Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

Rex Grossman

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Australia were pretty much dismantled there. Kind of how the Welsh match should have gone if we didn't take our foot off the gas.


I think the discipline shown by the whites, combined with 'stralia making some silly mistakes led to the gap widening.


England are looking pretty dangerous, especially now that Farell knows how to tackle finally.

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On 13/10/2019 at 16:14, kensei said:


Think whoever wins it will likely have to go through New Zealand. I know the whole we've never been past a quarter final thing, but Schmidt doesn't care about that, he wants to win it. 


Given form we're heavy underdogs and if Bad Ireland turns up we are in for an absolute hiding, but if Good Ireland turns up we've a chance. We've at least done it before now. 


So turns out Bad Ireland has turned up and peaking in 2018 and a stupid idea. 


I look forward to our next run of good form, in 2021-2. 

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Well Ireland just haven't shown up and compounding that the All Blacks look amazing. 


England V NZ semi final is going to be an awesome game, can't believe I'm going to say this but I think I might be supporting England for the first time in my life. 


Edit: why the fuck it's Sexton kicking the ball away in the NZ 22, he's a great player but am absolute clown when under pressure. 

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As good as New Zealand were, Ireland were absolutely awful. We've never nailed down our form this year and today was a bad day. There was a lot of shit talked when we were on great form last year, and there'll be a lot of shit talked now. 


When there's a bit of perspective, Schmidt did a great job and moved us up a level. Multiple Six Nations and a Grand Slam. Record winning runs. Beating all of the Southern Hemisphere sides, including New Zealand twice. It's mad to thing we'd never done it before then. 


World Cup semi final eluded him but in 2015 injuries did for us and this year form just didn't align. Happens. If a competition is on a four yearly cycle, no matter how you prepare or try to focus to it, you can just get unlucky. 


Andy Farrell has always seemed to do a good job defensively in the sides he's been involved with and I'm interested to see where we go. But I think we are gonna miss Uncle Joe massively. 

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9 hours ago, Gotters said:

Stuffing Australia at any high level sport never gets old does it.


Seven times in a row we have beaten them in this form of egg chasing, and three of their heaviest defeats have been since Eddie Jones took charge.


Very rare to see a game where one side has made nearly 200 tackles, had less than 40% possession AND still won by such a big margin.


Anyone fancy a Curry?

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I’m far from expert but Australia seemed tactically naive for a team with that much experience. Played into England’s hands throughout and then didn’t quite have the skills to pull off what they were doing from deep. Still they looked good sometimes, I bet they’ll be back up there soon if they build on their attackers. 
I felt sorry for Ireland, they seemed to be unable to string much together and had so many kicks for touch that failed. Them All Blacks don’t half punish mistakes. 

Im gonna be so nervous in the morning, bloody French and their mercurial “seem to be due to play well” style. 

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Ireland's style and what Schmidt has been pushing for years is all about high accuracy. He talks about how players should practice what they are good at as much if not more than what they are bad it, because it makes it a weapon. Ireland on form choke off the other team and just grind them down. 


The problem is that if we're off, it all falls apart. It doesn't take us to be much off either - sometimes all it takes is Sexton or Murray to be having a bad day. And it's not that we always choke, we've won enough over the past 5 years, but I think we do when there is pressure on to produce a performance or nervousness about a few bad ones and we freak out. 


This... does not go well against New Zealand, whose DNA is to crush any weakness. 

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4 minutes ago, DC Lemon said:

That was close. From the one angle they had to work with, it looked like it was possible it went forward to me.


I thought from the slight off-angle they had, it looked like it was parallel to the try line?  Could be wrong though.

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