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Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

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Weird match. We looked fairly poor, plenty of handling errors and bad discipline. 


Still, Exeter players got a grand total of 45 minutes game time (3 late subs) and got two tries which makes me smile. 


Don't feel sorry for Lavanini btw, he's always been a complete fucking thug. 

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Guess we're lucky that gatland learned gots lesson after the last world cup and spent the last 4 years building some really good strength in depth. 


I think we'll be good, Biggar looked fine after the game, Davies is a key player to be losing though. 

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England-France and New Zealand-Italy called off due to typhoon. Each is a 0-0 draw. England and France go through from Pool C. New Zealand and South Africa go through from Pool B.


Scotland-Japan remains under review, final decision Sunday morning. It could knock out Scotland. Previously in that pool, Ireland-Samoa was under threat, with the risk of Ireland being knocked out by the typhoon until it changed course. Shame that a typhoon could be deciding the group.

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They’d have to have beaten the All Blacks with a bonus point to go through :lol:


Shame to see games cancelled, but makes sense for those that have been declared draws. Guess Japan Scotland is being given as late a chance as possible to go ahead because the pool is still wide open.

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Got to be honest but I hope Japan do Scotland good and proper today.


I think the Scottish RFU’s response to the possible typhoon cancellation has been unsportsmanlike to say the very least.  We are not talking about a bit of bad weather here, but a major catastrophe that so far has killed at least 18 people and could have even been much worse than that!!!!  On top of that they knew the regulations regarding cancelled games when they signed up to the tournament, so threatening to sue if the game had been cancelled leaves a sour taste in my mouth.


Further to this the Scottish coach was questioning the decision leading to the Japan bonus try in the last round of games. 


So on balance I would be quite happy to see Japan stuff em and bounce them straight onto the next flight home (Weather permitting of course).

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54 minutes ago, Waggo said:

Going to be a cracking weekend of Rugby next week.  Not a duff match in there.


There certainly is! That's my mornings sorted for next weekend. I'm in Germany the following weekend so if England get past Australia I may have a problem with getting to watch it....


Wales must be favourites for a final spot given the teams in their half of the draw? No idea on the other side with NZ, Aus, Ire and Eng all in the mix. NZ probably beating England in the semi would be my best guess.


Closer to home, I've got season tickets for me and my kids for Northampton this season. We've been going to around 10+ games the last few seasons so it made sense to get them. Then it  didn't seem like good sense when we'd seen them lose 3 at home in a row. So it was good to hear they got a first win of the season yesterday. Away from home :mellow:

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