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Breaking Bad


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I want to get this enlarged and printed out then made into a poster. Any ideas on the best way to do this? Or how big to make it without it going all pixaly?


Just seen the

M60 on its bipod poking out from behind the cash pile...

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So I am assuming the bit at the start is at some point in the future and that he is going to get caught out have to go on the run? Wonder if he will be chased by hank?

As Sir Timmo says, futile trying to second guess what will happen. I imagine a lot of us did when we see the teddy bear floating in the swimming pool and if memory serves, I doubt anyone would've guessed what it was a result of - at first.

It's why the show works so well, you just don't see it coming.

EDIT - I'm still waiting for the animated


meme. :D

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What an excellent opener to the series that was. Walt and Jesse are so cool together when they're mates, it'll be a pity when they have their inevitable (possibly terminal) falling out. I love how after all they've been through Jesse still calls Walt "Mr White".

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Dave Chen from the Slashfilm podcast is doing a Breaking Bad podcast:


I always enjoyed the Game of Thrones podcast he did so will be keeping up with these.

The Breaking Bad Insider podcast is often great too if you haven't checked it out -- VInce Gilligan and various members of the cast and crew discuss behind the scenes. The new episode is up on the US iTunes store now.

Oh, and excellent start to the new season, of course. I didn't expect anything less but it delivered in spades.

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Wow, as good as ever. The soundtrack was absolutely perfect as well.

There was a great soundtrack bit near the start when he was clearing the kitchen, and stopped for a drink. Beat drops out.

He twitches and remembers something, it starts up again...brilliantly done.

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