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Breaking Bad


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Anybody catch the first episode of this beauty? It revolves around a straight-laced chemistry teacher (Walt, played by Bryan Cranston) being pushed to his limits and steering his mundane life down a hugely dramatic spiral that surprises even himself.

I don't want to give away any spoilers, but just had to recommend this fine new TV series.

For people that love Tarantino or the Coen's, this might be your cup of tea.



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I'm enjoying this a lot so far. The two main characters playing off each other, Walt (Bryan Cranston, who you probably won't remember as playing Buzz Aldrin in 1998's From The Earth To The Moon) fighting long-suppressed desires and rage that his situation is bringing to the surface. Sometimes winning, sometimes losing, usually with compelling emotional confliction, both internally and with those around him. Go get it.

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It's no biggy as it wasn't like the pilot was full of swearing but it does seem strange in this day and age. Hopefully the eventual DVD release will reinstate the censored bits.

Watched the first two episodes of this over the weekend. Bloody loved it, very dark comedy and some great acting.

Ep 3 should be out there today.

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Excellent. I caught the second episode yesterday and it was just as good as the pilot. I'm really happy this is a short season though as I could see the concept getting run into the ground if it was much longer.

Ignore me, for some reason it didnt broadcast last night and is now showing as being on Next week. Ah well that gives me some breathing room telly wise tonight.




Ross Kemp.

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I just love the continuity in this show. The way the following episodes start literally the moment the previous one ended. Like one big movie. Also, it is just me, or is each episode only taking up one day? Deadwood style? What I mean is, has it only been 2 days since the fire in episode 1? I presume the entire first season will take place over the course of a single week. That seems to be the way it's going at least. It could be a long, long time 'til he dies from the cancer.

They could get quite a few seasons out of it, if they write it well enough. No reason to doubt 'em at the mo, as it's been tremendous so far.

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