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Shooting Stars

Nick R

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  • 9 months later...


I was wondering about that. I really don't understand the people who didn't like the last series, it was amazing.

My favourite bits were the Hartlepool Movie Magical Moments Recreation Theatre ("The name's James Bond. JAMES. BOND.") and this beauty:

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New 6-part series of Shooting Stars starts next Tuesday, 13th July at 21.30 on BBC2.

It looks like Angelos is still in it! \o/

I'm well looking forward to this.

Is Jack Dee still in it? In general I quite like him, but he did virtually nothing in the last series.

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I thought tonights shooting stars was very funny. I thought the last series lacked something and they had it in spades there. My only worry is that they put a corking episode on first and the rest will be a bit of a let down. Angelos was pretty good. Biggest misplaced gag was his lightbulb routine but there wasn't much else that was duff.

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I was completely the opposite, found most of it not funny at all. Then again I didn't particularly like the original 90s version, so I guess I just have a tin ear for it (although I did enjoy big night out back in the day)

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Also, the Coldland Freezers clip; did Vic have a small horse for a moustache? :)

He played that character last series as well. It looks quite strange and odious.

They still make the Ulrika jokes funny somehow. NAUGHTY BOY. You could see that they genuinely still love doing it. Bob was wetting himself at the end.

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