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Shooting Stars

Nick R

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  • 1 month later...


Vic & Bob's Afternoon Delights, a new series of sketches, every weekday until the 29th!

I like this one. Repetition in silly voices! :wub:


The second is RACIST, :quote: like Otis and Marvin watching the ships coming in and going out:


"But now she can fly!"

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  • 4 weeks later...

I saw it and bloody loved it.

As super funk describes, some of the material that has been previous highlights were less funny and more just odd. In-between that however, were some genuine belly laughs that nearly made me cry with laughter.

Bob dancing to Angelos, Vic kicking a woman in the face, tight thigh rubbing, an accurate portrayal of the bombings in Nazi Germany, painting a dog with bleach, Angelos brushing off Bridget Nielson and Vic & Bobs constant referral to the black tights they were wearing.

My favourite moment, and a good distillation of their humour, was when Bob asked James to accept his gift. After a build-up, Bob produces a small wooden boy and then proceeds to walk him across the table where he stops and gives him a tiny envelope. James opens it, looks deep inside and holds aloft a tiny black object. As Bob walks back to his desk and enquires what it is, James rather hesitantly asks Is it rodent droppings?

They then continue with the show.

Although every film comedy Ive seen in the past few years has been awful, the BBC has been producing some of the best comedy of the past 5 years. Along with The Trip, Shooting stars hits my funny bone head on.

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Watched the first episode and agree that it was very good. My only concern is that as the series goes on and they repeat a lot of the jokes it does sometimes become less funny. Hopefully they have enough variety and good guests to make it another great series though.

The only other thing is that the driving force behind the show is clearly Vik and Bob. However this does leave some of the guests out of it a bit. Ross Noble for example who is a brilliant brilliant comic was kind of underused and as is often the case Ulrika and Jack were very quiet. All Ulrika does is laugh and look shocked whilst all Jack does is make a few wry comments and get derided. I say this every series with them though. Its still great but thinking back to say Will Self and Jonny Vegas they just seemed to be so much more a part of it. Will with his monologues and sheer hilarity at being an (somewhat) intellectual and being on the show along with the brilliant ranting of Vegas gave so many memories.

Now it seems to be even more focussed on the brilliance of the hosts. Still, for it to remain this funny after so many years deserves some huge applause.

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First episode was great, although I was disappointed at how little Ross Noble appeared.

Last week the BBC put online a set of "exclusive unseen" Jack's Face jokes. I take it this means there won't be any in the episodes themselves - there wasn't one in the first episode, anyway. :(

This was the other clip they uploaded:

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I love Vic + Bob. Shooting Stars and 'The Smell Of' are still really funny to me, years after I first saw them on live TV.

My girlfriend doesn't get it though.

"I don't get it, why are they doing that, why's he rubbing his legs, why has Jack Dee got a bird on his head", etc.

How the hell do you explain surrealist comedy to someone, isn't that sort of the point? It makes no sense and therefore makes you blurt out laughing. <_<

She doesn't like Twin Peaks for the same reason, "Why's he doing that, what's the log all about, I don't get it". <_<

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Jeez, Jake woods a barrel of laughs isn't he

I was wondering who 'Jake Woods' was, so I typed it into Google image search.

Bad. Fucking. Move.

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