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Can we do top 10's of the classics?

kerraig UK

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Top ten Hendrix:

1. 1983 (A Mermaid I Should Turn To Be)

Not sure if we are doing the lists on a ranking system or just 10 great starting songs, but so pleased that this was mentioned. Criminally underrated Hendrix song. B)

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Beastie Boys

Pass The Mic

So What’cha Want

Remote Control


Sure Shot

Egg Man

Ch-Check It Out

Root Down

Stand Together


Foo Fighters (can they be considered classic yet? Yeah, I reckon….)

My Poor Brain

The Pretender

I’ll Stick Around

Weenie Beenie

On The Mend

All My Life

My Hero



Best Of You

They were all a lot harder than I thought...

Shit, I was going to do these 2 as I've already none it for the other half. Anyway, my lists are very similar apart from maybe putting 'girls' and 'the sounds of science' in there somewhere and maybe 'MIA' on the foos list.

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Big Star

In The Street

When My Baby's Beside Me


Life Is White

You Get What You Deserve

Back Of A Car

September Gurls

O Dana



You can get the entire Big Star output on 2 CDs though. Radio City/#1 Record are available on one CD and then there's only Sister Lovers left to buy. Sister Lovers is an amazing record, there's about 6 other songs on that album that could've made it on my list.

Hold on just a cotton picking minute....no Ballad of El Goodo? Or Way Out West? Or I'm in Love with A Girl?

No no no!

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