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The Box of Delights

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That intro is a really strange blast from the past, I was 4 when it was first aired so couldn't have been much older than 10 when they binned it from Xmas TV but that's really quite strange, I remember it so well. Damn haunting too, surprised it never got sampled for some sort of DnB tune as well.

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Thanks to this thread I have also rewatched the entire thing. Having last seen it 27 years ago, and having loved it intensely, it was one of the most amazing nostalgia trips I have ever had. Sections of it were obviously hard-wired to my child mind, and then subsumed into some kind of semi-conscious primal region as I became an adult, because the best way I can describe watching it now is having fragments of my own long lost dreams and nightmares played back to me on Youtube. The amazing Arber, the rat man who eats green cheese, the faces staring out in the title sequence, the moving paintings - it is like a surreal time capsule, taking me back to a world where I still couldn't quite descern fiction from reality. The Twin Peaks reference is spot on - they really don't make stuff like this anymore. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful series back to me.

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On 21/12/2007 at 07:50, Campfire_Burning said:

It's a little late now, but the full version of The First Noel as used in the opening titles is available on A Classic Christmas, which you can get from Amazon for a very reasonable £3.97.

13 years later this post is just a massive tease.


I tracked it down though, and I’ll give the details as well as the YouTube link in case YouTube is defunct in another decade and a half (and rllmuk still going strong).


It’s the 3rd, errr, movement(?) of the Carol Symphony by Victor Hely-Hutchinson, subtitled “Andante quasi lento e cantabile”.


The version used in the series was performed by the Pro Arte Orchestra/Barry Rose. The full version on the CD described above is actually still just an excerpt of the full 8 minute thing, with just the obvious ‘First Noel’ parts.

This is the excerpt:


This is the full thing:



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